ESPN Rejects Christmas Ad Because of Christ

Every once in a while Bill O’Reilly gets it right. (We will call it either way, truth is truth).

In this segment he reports on a commercial rejected by ESPN because of Christian messaging. The sports network felt the ad’s use of the lines, “celebrate the birth of Jesus” and “God’s healing message,” were “problematic,” according to O’Reilly.

According to media reports the commercial has been replaced with another one omitting the mention of Christ and God that will soon run on the network.

ESPN hasn’t commented to anyone about this that we can find. Here is the segment:

Of course, if true, this is absurd. There is A LOT more that is offensive on ESPN than this commercial can ever match. The fact that ESPN won’t run it is reprehensible. We condemn it, especially since ESPN would be getting paid to run this commercial. (Compare that to the cake maker in Colorado that is being told he HAS to create a cake for a gay wedding — something’s wrong here). Rejecting this commercial because of Christmas and Christian messaging is pure censorship and unconstitutional.

Where O’Reilly stumbles here is that he calls this “a war on Christmas”.

Once again, Mr. O’Reilly, you are fudging this: this is anti-religion. Christmas is just, once again, the vehicle.

O’Reilly also claims that ESPN rejects the federal holiday of Christmas. His point is that the government acknowledges the Judeo-Christian roots of the founding of the United States (he has said this many times). This is a total fabrication. The declaration of Christmas as a federal holiday was over a labor dispute — that is all.

It is too bad the legitimate news Fox brings forward is tainted by opinion that is skewed and history that is misrepresented. They are hurting the cause of Christmas.

Editor’s Note: Four hours after this was published The Blaze is reporting that ESPN has changed their mind and will now run the ad.

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