Early UK Christmas Tree Draws Complaints

Evidently folks get really riled up in the UK over seeing a Christmas tree in the month of September. They’ve taken to writing letters and everything.

Mail Online is reporting that a bowling alley in Cambridge put up an artificial tree last week top promote booking of holiday events at their venue. Some customers, however, see it differently, going so far as to say “…The tree was probably extremely offensive to people who do not have Christianity as their main religion.”

Secularism is alive and well in the UK where the difference between freedom of religion is often confused with religious freedom.

But, seeing that the Christmas tree is a secular symbol anyway, why would someone who isn’t Christian be offended?

Folks need to realize that for as silly as such news reports and incidents seem there is a world-wide debate raging over the presence of religion in the public space — even spaces controlled by private entities like a bowling alley in Cambridge.

These media-driven incidents blow out of proportion the “offense” such things cause. Chances are that now that the news reports have been published there will be no more letters written in haste to the venue’s management. They got what they were seeking.

Christmas is an easy target for secularists. By calling anything religiously affiliated “offensive” pressure is applied to remove it — even from private property.

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