Dude, There’s Christmas Creep in California

The CBS affiliate in Southern California cannot believe it. Christmas is everywhere and, dude, customers are, like, baffled, confused and angry.

Check out this incredible local report about how bad Christmas creep is in SoCal.

Then check out the facts.

South Coast Plaza is a mall in Costa Mesa that every year gets one of the largest Christmas trees in the country — in October. It isn’t new.

Why do they do it every October? Because trying to get it inside the mall in November is a real pain due to….all the Christmas shoppers.

If CBS LA bothered to do any real reporting they would have talked to the mall and learned that. Other media seems to get that it is a 33-year tradition that makes the news every year.

The reporter claiming “Christmas creep is everywhere” couldn’t help but noticing Costco decorations for sale already. Memo to reporter: Dude, they’ve been for sale since August.

He wraps up the report by suggesting that if you don’t want to see decorations, go to Nordstrom’s — which is really funny because Nordstrom’s never sells Christmas decorations.

Even better, he says that 10 years ago retailers never did this type of thing.

Talk about a journalistic hack.

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