Takes Aim at Early Christmas

The media campaign against Christmas has taken an unusually aggressive step forward., a branch of Consumer Reports, has launched a campaign against what they call “Christmas creep”. They are promoting the do-it-yourself craft project “featuring a sinister ornament who wants to invade the Halloween and Thanksgiving seasons. Beware! The “Christmas Creep” is coming for your favorite holidays!

“This kind of thing is pretty ridiculous of a media enterprise that has supposedly built their reputation on impartiality and looking out for the consumer,” said Jeff Westover, CEO of Merry Network LLC, a family of Christmas-related websites supporting the Christmas community online (and parent company to “There is nothing sinister about stores who sell Christmas items at any time of the year. There is a market for it. Plenty of shoppers and buyers want those products. Who are they to say it is improper?”

“It seems that every year retailers put out Christmas decorations earlier and earlier, sometimes in the middle of summer,” said Meghann Marco, executive editor of “We’ve created the ‘Christmas Creep’ as a device for consumers to stand up to retailers and take back summer, fall and all the holidays within these seasons.”

“That’s absurd,” Westover said. “Summer swimwear goes on sale in January. Easter items hit the sales floor within two weeks of Valentine’s Day. Fall products become available right after the Fourth of July. Christmas is no different. In fact, it is bigger. Decorating is so big for some that it takes months of planning and shopping to put a display together. Christmas is collectible, too. Consumers deserve to find those items year round. Christmas as a holiday is celebrated is sacred and secular ways and for many it isn’t a season, it is a way of thinking. The ideal of peace on earth and goodwill towards men should be celebrated year round and like it or not there is a market place of that. What possible harm comes from stores selling Christmas items in July?”

The media has stepped up a steady campaign in 2011 of complaining about “Christmas creep”. There have been dozens of features complaining about the early display of holiday product especially in stores. But that complaining has not come at the behest of consumers and reaction to the media campaign has not yielded a public response. “This is just an effort to lend credibility where there is none,” Westover said. “It is a whole new kind of battleground in the war on Christmas, if you will. The media, which gets a great deal of its revenue from Christmas advertising, just doesn’t want Christmas out there in any form until they say so. And you know what? Consumers don’t really care. Those who don’t want Christmas early don’t buy it. But those who want to and do shop for Christmas other than in December want what they want. Who is the Consumerist to take it away?”

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