Consumer Website Critical of Christmas on Sale

The Consumerist — a publication advocating for consumers — has their Christmas knickers in a twist again that a store is selling Christmas lights in September. The big offender? Fred Meyer. In Alaska.

Alaska, last we looked, is a place that can get winter weather in September. Maybe, just maybe, someone there might want to hang their lights while the weather is still good.

But no. The Consumerist has spies everywhere and they have decided that there is a difference between Christmas shopping season and Christmas decorating season. They seem genuinely bent out of shape that Christmas decorations are — gasp! — for sale long before Halloween.

Where’s the crime, fellas?

It’s a store. They sell stuff. That’s what they do.

Everyone — shoppers and long distant critics alike — has their freedom of choice. They don’t have to buy the stuff.

Retailers are crazy folks. They watch trends. Typically they don’t put stuff on sale that doesn’t sell. After all, selling stuff is what they do.

We don’t think they put that Christmas stuff out to set a mood.

Christmas Creep isn’t what happens when stores put Christmas things on sale.

Christmas Creep is what happens when idiot publications and media outlets start complaining about it.

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