Confederate Flags in Christmas Parades the New Racist Issue with Christmas

It is not just Dukes of Hazard on TV they want to ban. Now they are going after the Sons of Confederate Veterans for marching in Christmas parades. From Brunswick, Georgia comes the news of what appears to be a new wrinkle in the never ending war on Christmas: racism.

The Confederate flag has been a topic of controversy for some time now, especially during Christmas when members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans walk in the annual city parade with what some say is a racist display. “This is a symbol and a sign of a lot of pain and a lot of anger,” said Pastor Ken Adkins.

That’s why Adkins wrote a letter to several city officials, demanding the flags be taken down across Brunswick, especially during this year’s Christmas parade. “I think really it’s now time to have a discussion here in Glynn County, here in Brunswick,” said Adkins.

“If it offends people, that saddens me and my inclination would be to say it should not be used or displayed where it offends people,” said Jeff Kilgore.

But Jeff Kilgore says despite the controversy, the flag is more than just a piece of fabric, it’s history. “The flag has become controversial unfortunately and has been appropriated by hate groups and has been used inappropriately,” said Kilgore.

“Why didn’t you make the people who were using your flag as a symbol of hate and racism, why didn’t you all who said it’s my heritage, it’s my history, say something then?” said Adkins.

The annual Christmas parade in Brunswick has featured the flag and the Sons of Confederate Veterans for generations.

It has never been an issue in Brunswick — until now.

You can expect this to be just the first of several stories of Christmas parades in America that will deal with the Confederate flag this year.

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