Complaints of Christmas Creep Bleed into November

Isn’t it a little late to be complaining about Christmas creep? Even Deal News — whose bread and butter season is Black Friday — is moaning about “Christmas creep”. Um…isn’t Christmas creep what they do?

Over at the Consumerist, where they have been non-stop whining over Christmas creep since August, they have the audacity today to ask the question: Why Does Christmas Creep Bother Everyone So Much?

We got a good laugh especially from this Southern California news station, who asked — on October 29th — why is Christmas creep starting earlier than ever? How typically Southern Californian. Always late to the ballgame (and the first to leave).

From a San Jose newspaper a writer was up in arms about seeing Halloween merchandise surrounded by Christmas decorations:

This is very wrong. Not just the thing with the cats and dogs, but the clash of such holiday titans. The juxtaposition fosters a festive mutation in one’s brain, no doubt the result of some evil mind-manipulating creation — a retail Dr. Moreau-ian abomination.

These holidays are polar opposites in theme and intention. It’s oil versus water. Raiders versus Niners. Dogs versus cats, once those Christmas-card puppies and kittens grow up and realize what they’ve done.

This is hilarious. Written on October 27th, a mere 58 days before Christmas, the San Jose Mercury News is complaining now but won’t say a thing about Valentine’s stuff out on New Year’s Day or swimsuits on sale in February.

Complaining about Christmas creep is the new stealth assault in the War on Christmas. In fact, the ironic thing about Christmas creep is that the complaints started earlier this year and appear to be lingering longer. Given the late date of Thanksgiving this year, we may set a record for how long it will be before the media finds something else to talk about.

What we’re waiting for is the annual pedestal coronation of Nordstrom’s for putting up their snotty signage that they “celebrate one holiday at a time”.

Does anyone remember the good old days when the media used to carry stories about retailers who shunned Christmas?

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