Complaints About Christmas Creep Surface Earlier Than Ever

The Consumerist this week published an article complaining about Christmas decorations for sale at Hobby Lobby — in May. While they gushed forth about the impropriety of Christmas before summer The Consumerist has set a dubious record of their own by complaining about Christmas Creep earlier than any other media outlet in history. They shattered the previous record held by Time magazine by nearly three months.

Last year the media barrage against Christmas began on August 20th and lasted past November 15th as various outlets lambasted retailers for advertising Christmas too early in what they have come to call “Christmas Creep”. Even though history has solidly recorded that advertisers have promoted Christmas year round for over a century and that no one other than the media seems to care the campaign to complain about Christmas grows earlier and earlier every year.

The world of advertising is solidly in the corner of retailers — naturally. In fact, Google is urging retailers to jump on the Christmas bandwagon as early as possible. Naturally, Google’s major source of revenue comes from advertising and retailers traditionally get their biggest sales from Christmas.

While The Consumerist article singles out Hobby Lobby it should be noted that Hobby Lobby is a retailer of crafts, decor and items for the do-it-yourself decorator. In contacting Hobby Lobby — which The Consumerist failed to do — we were told that their strategy meets the demands not only for the Christmas project maker looking to get a jump-start on early Christmas projects but also supports those who celebrate Christmas in July, a growing trend.

We also note that reports of early Halloween, early winter coat sales, early Valentine’s decorations, early Easter decor and early Back-to-School sales events all seem to be neglected by the media on a regular basis. But this report from The Consumerist will kick off a steady stream of media complaint about Christmas that will last well into Thanksgiving week this year.

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