Comedy Central Nails the War on Christmas

Is Jon Stewart actually right about the war on Christmas?


Well, mostly. He’s missing the other side of the absurdity — the blatant abuse of Christmas by the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the American Humanist Association.

But his points on Bill O’Reilly and Sarah Palin are dead on correct.

The “war on Christmas” is perpetuated by the continual call for alarm where there is none. Yes, the occasional school gets out of line and folks have to remind them that the courts have said that Christmas music in schools are OK. And yes, the FFRF and AHA and others are suing frivolously to advance their agenda of faithlessness. And yes some retailer are saying naughty things such as “Happy Holidays”.

But does all that constitute a “war” on Christmas?

Have you seen Christmas diminish in any way? Have you seen a Berlin-style ban on Christmas in the USA?

Just who is absurd here?

95 percent of people feel the War on Christmas is absurd for some of the very reasons Stewart hilariously illustrates.

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