City Officials Fight Over Snail Ornaments

Some officials in Snellville, Ga., said they believe the town’s snail-themed Christmas ornaments send the wrong message.

Councilman Tod Warner said the 150 ornaments, which the city purchased for about $800 and planned to sell for about $8 each, undermine recent marketing efforts to paint the city as moving “forward,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Tuesday.

Warner said he wants the city to abandon the ornaments, which feature a blue snail in a gold shell with a hat and scarf, and replace them with ornaments bearing the local farmer’s market logo. The city has ordered ornaments with different locally based themes for the past 24 years.

“I don’t think the timing’s right,” Warner said. “We’re really trying to move forward, not backward.”

City Clerk Melisa Arnold said the snail has previously appeared in park literature and local Monopoly game boards.

“We think it’s adorable,” Arnold said. “The snail’s got a 30-year history here. It’s not as prominent as our logo, but it’s always been around.”

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