City Looks to Redeem from Christmas Tree Fiasco

The city of Manchester, New Hampshire has a Christmas tree problem.

Tradition dictates that every holiday season the city puts up a Christmas tree. Somehow during the hubbub of Christmas 2007 the city ran a little late in making arrangements to get a tree and at the last minute desperate city workers uprooted a tree from a local cemetary, leaving a gaping hole near several headstones. A couple of folks called to complain and the whole affair turned into a fiasco.

So for Christmas 2008 the city is looking to redeem themselves. They have earmarked $6500 to move a live tree from deep in the woods to just across the street from Veteran’s Park.

The problem now?

Nobody wants to spend the money. Seems that Manchester has both a pot hole problem and recent budget cuts in local schools that has the population there looking again to the cemetary for Christmas 2008.

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