City Hopes Summer Debate Will Dim Christmas Controversy

Fort Collins, Colorado is going to try this again.

Forced into the frenzied annual debate of the “War on Christmas” by a policy allowing only Christmas trees as part of the city’s annual “holiday display”, Fort Collins is looking for a way to placate Christmas traditionalists without offending community religious leaders.

Why the controversy?

Because Fort Collins cannot decide just was is and is not religious about Christmas.

Mistakenly calling Christmas trees a religious symbol, the City Council last year was forced to endure criticism for not allowing a Menorah on display as equal time. Taking a cue from Seattle — which voted to ban Christmas trees from the Sea-Tac airport — Fort Collins will issue a final decision on Halloween.

We’re suggesting the committee is Fort Collins do a little research before they start. Christmas trees are a purely secular symbol of Christmas. Menorahs are clearly religious. Perhaps somewhere out there a city council will stand up and sort this out correctly. We’re betting the over all “holiday” display will feature nondescript, non-offending, designed by committee decorations that will not offend anyone — and will be as far from Christmas as can possibly be, thus pleasing no one.

And a Halloween decision? That is “War on Christmas” headline season. Fort Collins is practically begging to make the news with this issue.

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