Churches Fight Back Against Nativity Thefts

Dozens of churches across the country have begun to fight back against pranksters by attaching GPS devices onto the baby Jesus in their nativity displays.

“It just upset me to think that anybody would steal anything in the first place, much less the baby Jesus from a nativity scene,” said Victory Christian Fellowship nativity scene organizer Carolyn Nicholson.

However, that’s what happened last Christmas to the nativity scene that she sets up every year at the church in Paltaka.

“I would hate to have to pay the price for whomever did that,” Nicholson said.

The church has since replaced their baby Jesus, but it hasn’t yet gone as far as some churches around the country that are placing a GPS tracking device on the Christ child in case another heavenly heist is attempted.

“It’s sad. It’s sad. I can’t believe it but I know it’s true,” Nicholson said.

Last year, before Victory Christian Fellowship replaced the baby Jesus permanently it used a baby doll as a temporary fill in. The organizer said she feels a little awkward about having two baby Jesuses around.

Still, she said she hopes they can keep them around. The idea of using GPS did intrigue the church’s pastor.

“Well, I do use a GPS myself and they do come in handy. So, it might not be a bad idea,” said Pastor Ben Tippett.

Despite the rash of Jesus thefts, one has to speculate that if any child could forgive his kidnappers it would be the baby Jesus.

“Well, it’d been better if they maybe asked them into their heart, instead of coming and taking him,” Tippett said.

Some churches have also been putting in security cameras as an alternative to watch what’s going on with the baby Jesus in their nativity scenes.

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