Church Members Dress Like Jesus to Support Christmas

Members of a church in Kansas City, Ks., are protesting the secularization of Christmas by dressing like Jesus at their jobs, malls and restaurants.

Pastor Kelly Lohrke advised parishioners of the Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship to wear at minimum a crown of thorns and a sash or robe during the week leading up to Christmas.

“A lot of businesses and people are saying that they have to say, ‘Happy Holidays’ and ‘Season’s Greetings,'” church receptionist Chelsea Johnston told “They’re not allowed to say ‘Merry Christmas.’ It makes us upset because that is the holiday and it goes against our freedom of speech.”

The 600-member church posted videos on YouTube of congregants wearing Christ-like garb in public — which they say has led other churches across the country to consider similar demonstrations.

Johnston said some members have gotten more elaborate with their costumes, growing beards and wearing their hair long.

The reactions have been mostly positive, according to Johnston, but the protesters have gotten their share of stares from passersby.

“We have had some really strange looks – people who are like, Why are you guys doing that?” she said. “I haven’t heard any reports of people being offended. … We’ve gotten pretty good responses.”

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