Christmas With a Capital C Movie Irritates Liberal Left

The Huffington Post is huffing about the release of a new Christmas movie, Christmas with a Capital C:

The clearly provacative straight-to-DVD movie has the atheist blogosphere abuzz with the pre-season anti-Christian rants of the War on Christmas. Set in a small Alaska town, the trailer alone is making the Sarah Palin jokes run wild. The story tells the tale of a former rival of the Christian lead who has come to the small Alaska town to seek the removal of a Nativity scene from the town square. We assume he loses (who stars as the ACLU lead, we wonder?).

“Christmas with a Capital C” was filmed in Seward the last of February and early March. The movie stars Daniel Baldwin (the second-oldest of the Baldwin brothers) and Ted McGinley (from “Married … with Children), plus a slew of Seward extras, including high school students, stay-at-home moms and guys standing in the cold rain for hours without a jacket. The straight-to-DVD movie centers around two high school rivals – Baldwin and McGinley – at odds over a Nativity scene in a city building. Baldwin plays the antagonist, or the Grinch, who experiences an eventual change of heart. “This is a feel-good movie, with a lot of conflict and the theme of the Grinch finally coming home,” said Anchorage-based executive producer David Cuddy. “The final scene is like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ where his character melts and becomes a good guy.”

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