Christmas Tree Tax Not a Worry in February

Congress has just approved a massive five-year farm bill once famously part of the War on Christmas due to the inclusion of a Christmas Tree Tax. The bill, sent now to President Obama for his signature, features a program for taxing Christmas trees. The program was used by Fox News and other media outlets as a means of criticizing the Obama administration for being anti-Christmas.

But the Christmas Tree Tax is something American Christmas tree farmers want. It is a 15 cent per tree tax used to fund marketing programs for American grown trees, similar to the “Got Milk” campaign for American dairy farmers. Growers in Oregon, North Carolina and other places claim the effort is needed to stem losses from Chinese-made artificial Christmas tree that is affecting the real tree market.

Once launched in November of 2011 the Christmas tree tax quickly became fodder for those claiming a War on Christmas and it dominated the headlines of that season. It returned last summer in the same fashion.

But now that it is after Christmas and February Fox News isn’t interested in this story as another anti-Christmas measure. In fact, the war on Christmas is all but dead to them outside of the Christmas season.

True, this Christmas story wasn’t what they were portraying it to be anyway.

But that didn’t stop them twice in the past of claiming it was an extension of the war on Christmas.

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