Christmas Tree Tax About to Hit Headlines

We warned you last June. Now watch it happen. The “war on Christmas” headlines will soon take a turn by a so-called anti-Christmas measure called the Christmas Tree Tax. Let’s set the record straight right now: this has nothing to do with Christmas.

As part of the much debated Farm Bill which if not passed has threatened to raise milk prices to as much as $8 a gallon there is a provision within that funds an assessment on Christmas trees. That’s all code words for money. Some are going to promote this as a means of picking your pocket in a Scrooge-like way every time you head out in the family sleigh to cut down a Christmas tree.

Taint so.

They want to set up a marketing effort much like what already exists for milk and beef. (“Milk, it does a body good” and “Beef, It’s what’s for dinner” are marketing pushes funded by government-run advisory boards, who knew?) These industry specific government-run collectives promote farm industries at the expense of the industry. That means the tax doesn’t come out of the pocket of the consumer but rather from the farmer. (Who in turn passes that cost on to the consumer).

Those for the bill will say that supporting it actually supports the American Christmas tree grower who is fighting the imperialist Chinese artificial Christmas tree manufacturers who destroy Christmas by selling a product that cannot be recycled and is bad for the environment.

Those against the bill — and there are plenty — will say a vote for this measure is a vote against Christmas because, doggone it, we’re taxed enough at Christmas already.

Either way, Christmas loses.

So, for the record, this isn’t about Christmas. Christmas won’t end if this bill wins or loses.

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