Christmas Music Melodies Banned in SC Schools

South Carolina seems to be the hot bed of trouble with Christmas in schools this year.

This time the trouble appears to be internal. A school teacher at York Preparatory Academy in South Carolina directing music activities banned even instrumental melodies of Christmas carols from the school’s “Winter Concert”.

That’s right kids: don’t hum “Joy to the World” at school. That’s government shoving religion down your throats.

A student triggered the highlight of this event, taking his desire for Christmas music inclusion and bringing it to the attention of several adults and even the ACLU.

As has been demonstrated not once but TWICE this year by school districts in Wisconsin and New Jersey a school cannot just ban Christmas music just because it has a religious theme. This has been determined and established in the courts multiple times over the years.

According to World Net Daily the Alliance Defending Freedom — a well known pro-Christmas advocacy group — sent out more than 13,000 letters to school districts nationwide outlining what they courts have said for decades about Christmas music in public schools.

As we noted here earlier this year atheist/humanist groups threatened months ago to disrupt school concerts, events and activities associated with Christmas and they appear to be making good on those threats.

Expect more of this to come.

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