Christmas in Canada told to Wait for Veterans

The emergence of Christmas right after Halloween is coming under fire in Canada where a famous reality television star and entrepreneur is pushing retailers to refrain from decorating or promoting Christmas sales until after a national veterans holiday on November 11th. W. Brett Wilson contends that Christmas decorations in stores shows disrespect to the nation’s veterans.

“I feel pretty passionately about it,” said Wilson, who’s using his considerable social media clout to drive the point home.

“In my mind, there’s no economic need to be hitting us with two months worth of Christmas, and it strikes me there’s opportunity to push back a little bit, while raising the profile of what Nov. 11 is all about.”

On Sunday morning, Wilson Tweeted to his 117,000 followers, “Reminder to retailers — until November 12th — don’t even think about #XmasDecorations — yup — #RespectOurVeterans w/ the #RedPoppy PleaseRT.”

The idea is resonating with some because Wilson’s finance background lends credibility to the claim that the economics of Christmas don’t get much from early November promotions.

Canadian business, however, feels quite differently. Economists in Canada forecast a difficult selling season in 2014. Canadians are projected to spend less this year and companies such as Target Canada are already singing the blues.

Has this opened up a new front in the War on Christmas in Canada?

It could be. The War on Christmas has been quite active in recent years and quite different in some respects when compared to their cousins to the south. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this idea catch hold with media types here in the United States.

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