Christmas Defies Definition

While the media continues to whine about Christmas before Christmas there is no doubting that Christmas is being talked about even now. A quick look around the media about Christmas finds trends that makes Christmas ever more difficult to define.

For example, today on there is a story titled The North Korean Christmas Tour That Can Get You Killed — an article about a travel agency promoting a tour with a Christmas theme in a place where practicing any kind of religion can get you executed. The entire assumption of the piece is that no matter what Christmas to North Korea is all about religion.

At the same time that was published the LA Times tells the story that Almost a Third of Jewish Americans Have a Christmas Tree. (The article and the survey is actually about Jews losing their religious identity but its the Christmas tree that gets the big spotlight in their headline).

Yet in Berlin they have banned any kind of public Christmas display because they don’t want to offend non-Christians.

And over at My Merry a recent survey reveals that 98 percent of atheists plan to celebrate Christmas.

So what is it? Is Christmas religious…or is it also for the non-religious?

This is why you will never hear the term “War on Christmas” go away.

There will forever be those who speak out against it…and those of many stripes who cling to Christmas like a white beard on Santa.

This is also exactly why folks need to understand what they read about Christmas in the media. It defies being put into a box, wrapped and put under a tree. It is about religion and it isn’t about religion.

That is why is belongs in society.

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