Christmas Creep Bleeds into Hate for Pumpkin Spice

The assault on the season isn’t all about the protest of Christmas in September. There’s real backlash out there against pumpkin, too.


Even FoxNews is in on it stating that “…like Christmas creep, American’s can’t wait for that flavor of pumpkin spice in their food and drink.”. Uh….really?

Just because manufacturers, restaurants, bars and stores are marketing pumpkin flavored products doesn’t mean that Americans want them and that, inexplicably, August and September are “too early” for them to be on the market.

Don’t tell that to They’ve been on an anti-pumpkin kick since July. They don’t like pumpkin toaster strudel, pumpkin spice Oreos, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin yogurt, and pumpkin gum.

And, yeah, Consumerist has long been a hater of Christmas.

(What’s with those guys anyway? They state, “Our mission is to help consumers understand, engage with, and discuss the systems and forces that influence the marketplace, so that we, as consumers, can all make better, more informed decisions.” Have you seen their website? They hate everything. They are critical of everything. It’s almost like being a consumer means being a bitter soul).

Back to pumpkins —

The anti-pumpkin media is all over the so-called craze for all things pumpkin. Starbucks famously launched their very popular Pumpkin Spice Latte in August. One problem (besides having the gall to come out in August): it contains no pumpkin. (Oh, the horror. Somebody call the Pumpkin Police).

Even has jumped on the anti-pumpkin and anti-Christmas bandwagon.

But the kicker of all pumpkin-too-early has to be this: a pumpkin spice condom.

Turns out it is a hoax.

But, Consumerist be damned, this is America. It’ll come out next year. In May, likely. That ought to get everyone talking even earlier about “seasonal creep” next year.

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