Christmas Complainers Out in Force Already

You would think a down economy and the negative buzz of an election year would welcome the mere mention of Christmas. But no matter where you go in this world there is no shortage of whiners, moaners and complainers about seeing Christmas out and about in September.

In New Mexico comes the all-too common lament about stores selling — gasp! — Christmas decorations.

Down in Alabama, they are trying to put a positive spin on Christmas shopping. But Christmas is a beloved season of the year in the south. They need to read what the folks in Ohio are saying about shipments of Christmas products (basically they complain those Christmas trains are empty).

In Australia, they are talking about a Christmas store that has been open since — oh by gosh, by golly — June.

In Canada they’ve got a high schooler writing editorials about Christmas before Halloween. How will this kid ever get over it?

In Ireland they are shocked — shocked! I tell you — that stores have the audacity to sell Christmas stuff a mere 118 days before the Big Day. Never mind that those same stores sell swimwear year round. We all know what tropical haven Ireland can be.

But it is the UK who really gets their Christmas knickers in a twist. They just don’t want their Christmas biscuits to spoil on the shelves and they’ve taken to Twitter to complain about it. (That’ll fix ’em”.)

The real kicker? Santa has the, um, nerve to show his face FOUR MONTHS before Christmas in stores. Has the man no decency?

Brace yourself. This is just the beginning. Between now and Thanksgiving Day you are going to hear story after story of anti-Christmas blubbering as folks lament the early showing of Christmas. It will all be capped when Nordstrom posts their snotty sign about celebrating one holiday at a time.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Christmas is many things to many people. It is a religious holiday for some, a secular season for others. Some do not celebrate it at all. The fact that Christmas tends to show up months before makes it no different than seeing swimsuits in January, Easter bunnies in February or even playing baseball in April while the snow flies. It all happens but no one gets the complaints like Christmas. Christmas gets the complaints because people just assume it is all about the money.

It isn’t. So quit your whining.

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