Christmas Banner Banned in Australian Community

How do they say Bah Humbug down under? Australia is putting itself on the map as a player in the War on Christmas as the community of Bland Shire may be keeping it’s “Merry Christmas” banner in storage due to a new regulation that calls the phrase “too offensive”.

Under the regulation, Christmas and Easter banners would be allowed to be hung by the town council if deemed “promotional” but banners would not be allowed to be hung by “other parties”.

Former councillor David Bolte called it “political correctness gone mad” when he addressed council in the public forum last week.

“I only ask for the right to remind the community we have the Christmas and Easter holidays because of the birth, death and resurrection of Christ,” he said.

Mr Bolte considered it an attack on Christian groups, questioning if the regulation was “discriminatory”.

He claimed that in the last census, 80 per cent of Bland Shire residents declared they followed a Christian faith.

Mayor Neil Pokoney said a new version of the policy was being reviewed, which would see banners associated with gazetted public holidays allowed.

“The wording of the regulation was just a bit too broad,” Pokoney said.

“Prior to this we didn’t have regulation pertaining to public banners – which is something council should be exercising control over.”

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