Christ in Christmas Banners Taken Down in San Antonio

The Knights of Columbus — a private organization — paid money to the utility company to put up a banner between two light poles (private property). The banners said “Keep Christ in Christmas”. Somebody called and complained so the city took the banners down. Right or wrong?

It is an all too familiar story. A local college professor says it was the right move. If the city allowed the banners to remain they would be violating the “establishment clause” of the Constitution. But the Knights of Columbus say “no so fast”. It seems the policy of the utility allows for the banners if they support a non-profit event. The Knights of Columbus are non-profit and Christmas, they claim, is an event. The city says it won’t charge them for the contract and the banners are back up on more private property.

And nobody in San Antonio appears to be happy about any of this. More here.

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