Charter Schools a New Battle Ground in Christmas Correctness

The hub-bub in Wisconsin over Christmas music has barely died down yet schools continue to take center stage in the so-called War on Christmas.

Today, Fox News is reporting that a charter school in Georgia sent home a note to parents indicating that music for the upcoming “holiday” program would include Jingle Bells, Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Feliz Navidad. Since the incensed parent could not get a return call from the school principal he called Fox News instead, who was only too happy to talk about it. The note concluded by saying that religious songs would not be included. Fox News couldn’t wait to breathlessly report this dramatic battle.

It’s okay for boys and girls at The Main Street Academy to jingle bells, but expressing joy to the world is forbidden. It’s a classic case of Christmas censorship – in writing.

Mr. Woods called the charter school and asked to speak to Jeffrey Homan, the principal. But the principal never returned his telephone calls. So Woods, who is an avid reader of my column, decided to contact me. I returned his call.

“I’m extremely outraged to be honest,” he said. “My family and I – we’re Christians, we’re believers.”

Part of this is kind of funny: Feliz Navidad is the Spanish equivalent of “Merry Christmas”, translating literally to “Happy Nativity”. We wonder how the charter school let that one slip through.

There’s a couple of other things to note about this case: Charter schools are typically less regulated that typical public schools. They say they are compliant with state standards but the truth is that in most states school districts loathe charter schools because they tend to promote themselves as “better” public school institutions and generally take their own path in meeting state requirements. They also bear the burden of less funding. Charter schools do NOT have the resources to fight law suits and even though parental support is typically better in the smaller student body count in charter schools they are more limited in what money they have.

That has a bearing on another charter school under fire in South Carolina. According to,  East Point Academy in West Columbia, S.C. recently quit a volunteer program to pack Christmas boxes for needy children as part of a campaign to support Operation Christmas Child. This three-year tradition was abruptly halted right in the middle of the season because the charter school received a dreaded letter threatening legal action by American Humanist Association’s Appginani Humanist Legal Center.

The charter school director, probably over a lunch of ramen noodles, knew they didn’t have the money to fight such a case and immediately withdrew the school sponsorship of the charity.

The American Humanist goons attacked on the basis that sending these nefarious boxes of Christmas goodies constituted and blatant attempt to convert third-world children to Christianity, thus making poor little East Point Academy guilty of violating the establishment clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Yeah, you read that right: just because a couple of godless boobs wrote a letter a bunch of kids in Chuma-Wumba won’t get getting Christmas this year. Bah-humbug.

Charter schools are pretty easy targets. Like any school, they don’t want to offend anyone — unless they are Christian, then it’s OK — and they certainly don’t want to end up in court.


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