Charter School Kids to Humanists: Wanna Step Outside?

A great story is unfolding in Colorado tonight.

As reported earlier Sky View Academy charter school, like another small school counterpart in South Carolina, received a nasty-gram from the American Humanist Organization warning them not to participate in their traditional Christmas charity of choice, Operation Christmas Child.


Because Operation Christmas Child is tied to a Christian ministry. According to the twisted logic of the Humanist folks the schools sponsoring the charity event were guilty of endorsing religion, an activity they interpret is against the First Amendment. So they wrote the school and threatened to sue.

Limited on resources the school decided to comply with the demands of the American Humanist thugs.

Now for the good part:

Kids, parents, volunteers and citizens at large in Colorado packed their boxes of toys, relief materials and hygiene donations anyway — out on the public sidewalk in front of the school. According to Fox News:

Volunteers loaded shoe boxes into trucks and vans, while students held a religious liberty rally – hoisting signs condemning the humanists.

“Humanists hate kids,” read one sign. Another declared, “You won’t steal Christmas from children.”

Unruh said yesterday’s rally was a great life lesson for the young students.

“You stand up to bullies,” she said. “You don’t stand down. You stand up for your belief system.”

Is this a case where everyone wins?

After all, the kids still get their boxes, the students still perform their service and the American Humanists was key to getting it all done outside the walls of the school, right?


For the cost of a stamp the American Humanists successfully gained national attention and tons of media publicity. That the Grinch was beaten yet again is really immaterial to them. They won’t awaken tomorrow and take up the cry that a Christian organization is brainwashing poor kids half a world away, as they have been arguing all week. That was not their goal and you’ll hear nothing but silence from them as a result of this event.

They were just using those poor kids — and the good-willed students of SkyView Academy — to get their agenda passed in America: the complete removal of God from public spaces and out of the public discourse. They are forcing their beliefs on our beleaguered public institutions and they are doing it with a bully club and NOT the law.

And people wonder why states like Missouri, Texas, Alabama and Tennessee have passed such things as The Merry Christmas Bill.

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