John Lewis Railed for Dissing Santa

John Lewis Railed for Dissing Santa

Uh-oh. Not everyone is happy with the new John Lewis Christmas ad breaking today in the UK. It seems they left out Father Christmas. Social media has erupted with cries of ‘What happened to Father Christmas?’ and ‘Who killed Santa?’.

Watch the ad yourself and let us know where you see the Big Guy:

Twitter especially is full of criticism that John Lewis has ruined Christmas for UK children.

Coming on the heels of a controversial US presidential election that has led to wide protests and after a year of difficult news in the UK is appears the John Lewis ad is disappointing to many.

Boy, the UK takes their Christmas ads hard. Talk about huge expectations.

Trump Brings Chaos to the War on Christmas

Trump Brings Chaos to the War on Christmas

Can we put politics aside for one minute during this election year and just talk about how good Donald Trump has been for the War on Christmas?

You see, the war on Christmas has been dead for a few years. Oh, we’ve had the occasional snarky atheist billboard and you can’t put anything Christmas on a Texas courthouse lawn anymore.

But eight years of the Obamas singing Christmas carols on the White House lawn has pretty much made a mockery of what the War on Christmas used to be.

Now Donald Trump is here and the War on Christmas has new life. The Donald says the war is not over and whether that’s an alternative reality or not doesn’t matter. We’re just glad to see it is back with such…style.

In the months that have passed with Trump canvassing America to get the Republican nomination he has mentioned Christmas several times. He’s talked about how Macy’s won’t use the word Christmas in their stores or advertisements (they do). He’s talked how “my Jews” used to say “Merry Christmas” (by all accounts, they still do). And today, his son Eric claims Donald Trump is running for president because “he sees the tree on the White House lawn has been renamed ‘Holiday tree’ instead of ‘Christmas tree”.

Um…Eric…buddy…that big tree on the White House lawn is called the National Christmas Tree. Of course, the trees inside the White House — and there are several — are called “holiday trees” by the Obama administration and have been the whole time. So you got part of it right.

Let’s hope that the Trumps don’t realize that the word “holiday” is not a dirty word. Oh, we’re all for Christmas and use it ourselves all the time. Make no mistake. Christmas is the only word we need. But let’s not disparage the word “holiday”. After all, it means “holy day”. Someone needs to shoot a memo to Donald about this.

If Trump wins the White House he’s going to say “Christmas” almost as much as he says “China”. When he lights the National Christmas Tree it’s going to be HUGE. Heck, he will probably even sing.

Saturday Night Live couldn’t do more for the War on Christmas than Trump is right now.

And we, for one, are glad. It was boring. Now the War on Christmas is back and better than ever.

Ugly Australian Christmas Tree Rejected Again

Ugly Australian Christmas Tree Rejected Again

The Australian city of Hobart — a state capitol city — had a reputation for the worst Christmas decorations in Australia. Australia is big on Christmas — so this was not a good image for the city.

So last year they sponsored the creation of a new city Christmas tree — and it was quickly dubbed by the public as the ugliest tree ever, becoming a joke on social media and an international embarrassment to the city.

The tree was of modern art design and had zero traditional elements to it. No pine boughs, no baubles, and no star or angel at the top. It was merely a twisted frame of metal designed to allow the public to walk inside the tree and look up at the sky through it. To many who walked past the tree the thing did little to suggest it was a Christmas tree at all. As the city publicized the lighting of the tree and sent pictures to the media cries of “Where’s the tree?” were not taken seriously.

Hobart, it seemed, didn’t even have the Charlie Browniest of Christmas trees. It was much, much worse.

So during this off-season the city council in Hobart has taken up the issue and the debate centered on whether or not the tree could be saved and improved upon.

After all, $35,000 had been spent and there was some face saving that needed to be done.

So the Lord Mayor consulted some experts and presented another plan. She was laughed and ridiculed out of the chamber after proposing changes that would cost nearly double the original expense of the tree. Her answer seemed to be filling the center of the tree with a brass dome and dressing the tree skeleton with traditional Christmas elements at Christmas time.

There was hope that someone in Hobart had some love for the tree. “It’s dearly loved by the traders of Salamanca and they want to hold onto the tree, they want to keep it all-year round as an architectural piece and then kept as a Christmas tree at Christmas time,” said one Alderman.

But the tree is simply too hated to be saved.

Alderman Marti Zucco, who dubbed the first design akin to a tomato trestle, said he was surprised the plan even came to council for consideration. “It was overwhelmingly rejected practically all over the world,” he said. “To then try and spend another $50,000 to put a brass dome in the center of it is absolutely ludicrous. I’m baffled as to who actually allowed the report to get to council in the first place – I’m concerned council officers spent time and effort doing this. “It reflects the capital city, and to have a structure that looks like a tomato structure and sell it as a Christmas tree is beyond belief – and to spend another $50,000 sprucing it up is beyond comprehension.”

What will become of Hobart’s tree? Recyclers are apparently standing by.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Turds Are the Latest Christmas Outrage

Reese’s Peanut Butter Turds Are the Latest Christmas Outrage

First it was Starbuck’s Christmas cups that didn’t say Christmas. Now it is Reese’s Peanut Butter Christmas Trees that actually look like turds.

This isn’t news, folks.

But the Internet is burning up over the product that for years has been marketed as a chocolate-peanut butter Christmas tree. It has been around for almost 22 years but only now does the world noticed and, boy, is it pissed.

The outrage that only social media can generate is epic against Reese’s feeble Christmas-tree efforts.

These examples above are the tame ones. Most have taken to the hashtag #christmasturds.

Starbucks is happy to shift the spotlight. Hershey has been apologizing to complainers one by one via social media. But we doubt their trees will change next year.

Fighting the Grinch Called the HOA in Hilarious Video

Fighting the Grinch Called the HOA in Hilarious Video

This Christmas may go down as the year of the Home Owner’s Association — that dreaded Grinch accused of dousing Christmas from coast-to-coast. While there have been high profile cases of HOA’s killing off Christmas lights in Idaho, Washington, and Indiana the best response to a HOA has to be this video made by a man disputing a complaint from his HOA that he put out his garbage can too early.

Justin Porter says he received a nasty gram from his HOA for putting his garbage can in his driveway on a Wednesday, the night before garbage pick up on Thursday morning. So in response he went to Youtube and made this hilarious public response (warning: some graphic language in this festive video):