John Lewis Railed for Dissing Santa

John Lewis Railed for Dissing Santa

Uh-oh. Not everyone is happy with the new John Lewis Christmas ad breaking today in the UK. It seems they left out Father Christmas. Social media has erupted with cries of ‘What happened to Father Christmas?’ and ‘Who killed Santa?’.

Watch the ad yourself and let us know where you see the Big Guy:

Twitter especially is full of criticism that John Lewis has ruined Christmas for UK children.

Coming on the heels of a controversial US presidential election that has led to wide protests and after a year of difficult news in the UK is appears the John Lewis ad is disappointing to many.

Boy, the UK takes their Christmas ads hard. Talk about huge expectations.

Trump Brings Chaos to the War on Christmas

Trump Brings Chaos to the War on Christmas

Can we put politics aside for one minute during this election year and just talk about how good Donald Trump has been for the War on Christmas?

You see, the war on Christmas has been dead for a few years. Oh, we’ve had the occasional snarky atheist billboard and you can’t put anything Christmas on a Texas courthouse lawn anymore.

But eight years of the Obamas singing Christmas carols on the White House lawn has pretty much made a mockery of what the War on Christmas used to be.

Now Donald Trump is here and the War on Christmas has new life. The Donald says the war is not over and whether that’s an alternative reality or not doesn’t matter. We’re just glad to see it is back with such…style.

In the months that have passed with Trump canvassing America to get the Republican nomination he has mentioned Christmas several times. He’s talked about how Macy’s won’t use the word Christmas in their stores or advertisements (they do). He’s talked how “my Jews” used to say “Merry Christmas” (by all accounts, they still do). And today, his son Eric claims Donald Trump is running for president because “he sees the tree on the White House lawn has been renamed ‘Holiday tree’ instead of ‘Christmas tree”.

Um…Eric…buddy…that big tree on the White House lawn is called the National Christmas Tree. Of course, the trees inside the White House — and there are several — are called “holiday trees” by the Obama administration and have been the whole time. So you got part of it right.

Let’s hope that the Trumps don’t realize that the word “holiday” is not a dirty word. Oh, we’re all for Christmas and use it ourselves all the time. Make no mistake. Christmas is the only word we need. But let’s not disparage the word “holiday”. After all, it means “holy day”. Someone needs to shoot a memo to Donald about this.

If Trump wins the White House he’s going to say “Christmas” almost as much as he says “China”. When he lights the National Christmas Tree it’s going to be HUGE. Heck, he will probably even sing.

Saturday Night Live couldn’t do more for the War on Christmas than Trump is right now.

And we, for one, are glad. It was boring. Now the War on Christmas is back and better than ever.

Ugly Australian Christmas Tree Rejected Again

Ugly Australian Christmas Tree Rejected Again

The Australian city of Hobart — a state capitol city — had a reputation for the worst Christmas decorations in Australia. Australia is big on Christmas — so this was not a good image for the city.

So last year they sponsored the creation of a new city Christmas tree — and it was quickly dubbed by the public as the ugliest tree ever, becoming a joke on social media and an international embarrassment to the city.

The tree was of modern art design and had zero traditional elements to it. No pine boughs, no baubles, and no star or angel at the top. It was merely a twisted frame of metal designed to allow the public to walk inside the tree and look up at the sky through it. To many who walked past the tree the thing did little to suggest it was a Christmas tree at all. As the city publicized the lighting of the tree and sent pictures to the media cries of “Where’s the tree?” were not taken seriously.

Hobart, it seemed, didn’t even have the Charlie Browniest of Christmas trees. It was much, much worse.

So during this off-season the city council in Hobart has taken up the issue and the debate centered on whether or not the tree could be saved and improved upon.

After all, $35,000 had been spent and there was some face saving that needed to be done.

So the Lord Mayor consulted some experts and presented another plan. She was laughed and ridiculed out of the chamber after proposing changes that would cost nearly double the original expense of the tree. Her answer seemed to be filling the center of the tree with a brass dome and dressing the tree skeleton with traditional Christmas elements at Christmas time.

There was hope that someone in Hobart had some love for the tree. “It’s dearly loved by the traders of Salamanca and they want to hold onto the tree, they want to keep it all-year round as an architectural piece and then kept as a Christmas tree at Christmas time,” said one Alderman.

But the tree is simply too hated to be saved.

Alderman Marti Zucco, who dubbed the first design akin to a tomato trestle, said he was surprised the plan even came to council for consideration. “It was overwhelmingly rejected practically all over the world,” he said. “To then try and spend another $50,000 to put a brass dome in the center of it is absolutely ludicrous. I’m baffled as to who actually allowed the report to get to council in the first place – I’m concerned council officers spent time and effort doing this. “It reflects the capital city, and to have a structure that looks like a tomato structure and sell it as a Christmas tree is beyond belief – and to spend another $50,000 sprucing it up is beyond comprehension.”

What will become of Hobart’s tree? Recyclers are apparently standing by.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Turds Are the Latest Christmas Outrage

Reese’s Peanut Butter Turds Are the Latest Christmas Outrage

First it was Starbuck’s Christmas cups that didn’t say Christmas. Now it is Reese’s Peanut Butter Christmas Trees that actually look like turds.

This isn’t news, folks.

But the Internet is burning up over the product that for years has been marketed as a chocolate-peanut butter Christmas tree. It has been around for almost 22 years but only now does the world noticed and, boy, is it pissed.

The outrage that only social media can generate is epic against Reese’s feeble Christmas-tree efforts.

These examples above are the tame ones. Most have taken to the hashtag #christmasturds.

Starbucks is happy to shift the spotlight. Hershey has been apologizing to complainers one by one via social media. But we doubt their trees will change next year.

Fighting the Grinch Called the HOA in Hilarious Video

Fighting the Grinch Called the HOA in Hilarious Video

This Christmas may go down as the year of the Home Owner’s Association — that dreaded Grinch accused of dousing Christmas from coast-to-coast. While there have been high profile cases of HOA’s killing off Christmas lights in Idaho, Washington, and Indiana the best response to a HOA has to be this video made by a man disputing a complaint from his HOA that he put out his garbage can too early.

Justin Porter says he received a nasty gram from his HOA for putting his garbage can in his driveway on a Wednesday, the night before garbage pick up on Thursday morning. So in response he went to Youtube and made this hilarious public response (warning: some graphic language in this festive video):

Christmas Tale of Two Sweaters

Christmas Tale of Two Sweaters

We live in a funny world. The American South is embroiled in a Christmas controversy over Confederate flags in community Christmas parades because many now define that flag as offensive, even though it has been in past parades for decades without a batted eye.

But their Yankee cousins aren’t free from the offensive things of Christmas either. Just because they come from a store doesn’t mean this stuff should be paraded around, at least according to some. This is the odd tale of two Christmas sweaters. The first many know about.

Target Corp came under fire weeks ago for selling a bright red Christmas sweater with the tagline of “OCD — Obsessive Christmas Disorder” emblazoned on the front. Like the Confederate flag, this is not a new item on the shelves of Target at Christmas. It is also a meme that has floated around on social media for years. But 2015 is the year of being offended and those with the very real mental disorder of OCD are now really upset at Target for mocking their disease.

While some people would like to see it pulled from store shelves, Target says it plans to keep selling the sweater during the holidays.

Meanwhile, another store has a Christmas controversy over another sweater. Uber-snooty Nordstrom’s — yes, those uppity merchants who every year make hay by claiming to “celebrate one holiday at a time” and refusing to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving — had to quickly remove a Hanukkah it had for sale on store shelves (in November??). The Nordstom’s sweater was by the label Faux Real that reads “Chai Maintenance” followed by “Hannukah J.A.P.,” referring to the abbreviation for Jewish American Princess. Needless to say, customers on Nordstrom’s Facebook page were not pleased, with one poster calling the slogan “degrading.”

Nordstrom’s — fearing the discovery that they actually DO celebrate holidays prematurely — quickly removed the item from their shelves.

“We made a mistake by not looking more closely at the words on the sweater before we posted it — had we done so, we wouldn’t have offered it,” said Nordstrom spokeswoman Tara Darrow. “As soon as we heard from customers, we removed it from our site right away. We’re terribly sorry for offending people and sincerely apologize.”

No word yet on whether or not Sons of Confederate Veterans plan to wear these sweaters to Christmas parades held this year in the South.

Breitbart Jumps on the War on Christmas Bandwagon

Breitbart Jumps on the War on Christmas Bandwagon

Media giant Breitbart has joined FoxNews as a warrior in the War on Christmas. And they stretch the War on Christmas to a bizarre new level.

In a new piece being broadcast today Starbucks is being accused of whitewashing Christmas through a series of incremental changes since 2009 to their iconic red cups. Every Christmas season as a seeming signal to consumers that the holiday season has arrived Starbucks changes from using white cups to red cups. In years past they have had festive holiday designs on their cups. This year, they don’t. It is just a red cup with Starbuck’s odd logo on it.

This is war on Christmas?

Raheem Kassam says so:

“But Ragih,” I hear you say. “Why do you care about what Starbucks is doing anyway? It’s crap coffee and none of us buy it.” Sure, but plenty of people do. And subliminally, they’re being told/reminded that this time of the year is no longer about Christmas. It’s about the colour red, or something. It’s a “holiday season”. Don’t say Merry Christmas. It’s offensive.

Let’s bring this back to reality.

First of all, nobody looks to Starbucks as a Christmas bellwether. Is it not Christmas because Starbucks or any other corporate entity says so.

If Starbucks wants to make a political statement with their packaging let them. Want to know what matters to them, really? It’s sales. That is all. If they go too far in their politics guess what? People won’t go there (see Target). People vote with money and Starbucks is most interested in money over Christmas. Christmas is just a means to their money end. That is all. When they go to far they will have slit their own throat.

Kassam may well be right in that corporate entities in America are whitewashing Christianity away from culture. But we don’t have to jump on the war on Christmas band wagon to make this point. Christmas isn’t going anywhere because it was never at Starbucks to begin with.

Cameron Cannot Save But Will Profit from Christmas with Coffee

Cameron Cannot Save But Will Profit from Christmas with Coffee

It has been four months since Kirk Cameron released his movie “Saving Christmas” to scathing reviews and some early labeling of it as “the worst movie ever made”. What better reason than that to merchandise off the flick and introduce “Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas Blend“?

We kid you not.

The movie that didn’t sell is now hawking coffee that won’t sell either.

For $20 a pound you can get this deliciously described beverage: “The subtle sweetness of the Indonesian beans is intimately paired with the robust earthiness of the African for a truly harmonious and memorable cup”.

Could it possibly be more memorable than the movie?

“We saved Christmas. Now, taste the glory,” the tagline for Cameron’s coffee expounds.

In addition to a poor RottenTomatoes rating, “Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas” was voted the worst-ever film on IMBD in December. At the time of the film’s release, Cameron encouraged his fans to support the film as well as the dismal RottenTomatoes rating it generated.

“Help me storm the gates of Rotten Tomatoes,” the actor wrote at the time, including a photo of him holding two tomatoes with “Fresh” and “Rating” written on each.

“All of you who love Saving Christmas – go rate it at Rotten Tomatoes right now and send the message to all the critics that WE decide what movies we want our families see,” Cameron added. “If 2,000 of you (out of almost 2 million on this page) take a minute to rate Saving Christmas, it will give the film a huge boost and more will see it as a result! Thank you for all your help and support in putting the joy of Christ back in Christmas!”

Nazi Christmas Decorations Outrages Bidders

Nazi Christmas Decorations Outrages Bidders

As the holiday season quickly approaches, some “fancy” and “authentic” Nazi Christmas decorations have been posted to a Czech auction site. The items have sparked public outrage.

“I offer to sell Christmas decorations SS troops. All in original condition. Undamaged. This is a blown ornament. Ornaments are the original colors in top condition. Slightly worn with age. This is a rare piece,” the user, known as Anti95, says on the website.

The seller adds that the decorations were “used by SS units over 70 years ago.”

The set, which is reportedly original and undamaged, consists of four Christmas ornaments for a tree. The deocrations quickly made headlines after being spotted on the Aukrowebsite.

Bids started at about $280 for the entire set. However, Aukro customers didn’t find the offer tempting and lashed out at the seller.

“My granddad would cry if he saw this,” said one Facebook user on Aukro’s Facebook page, as cited by the Daily Mail.

Others – especially older generations – remembered wartime stories of misery and death told by grandparents, many of them fighting in the Nazi resistance.

One user suggested that such items should be destroyed, regardless of their historical value.

The offer was deleted from the site’s Facebook page following the public outrage.

But the seller maintains that the set is “intended solely for collecting purposes” and expresses his non-allegiance to any ideology “suppressing human rights…or a movement which supports national, racial or class hatred.”

The ornaments aren’t the only Nazi-friendly pieces of memorabilia on the website. There’s a host of allegedly authentic souvenirs, ranging from books to decorative plates, and even a Nazi helmet which is in relatively good condition.

    Paris Christmas Tree Looks Like a Sex Toy

    Paris Christmas Tree Looks Like a Sex Toy

    Citizens of Paris are asking: what is that thing? Apparently, it’s a Christmas tree.

    Although it is only mid October the tree is up and getting lots of attention. The work of American artist Paul McCarthy is considered by some to better resemble a giant sex toy more than a Christmas tree. Many are openly wondering if it is a joke.

    The work is 80 feet tall and is simply titled “Tree”. It was evidently placed now because a big International Art Fair will be held nearby in coming weeks.

    Public reaction to the tree has been swift and condemning — some expressing shock, others amusement.

    This isn’t McCarthy’s first rodeo with controversial works. In 2011 an exhibition of his work in London included a pair of George W Bush sculptures having sex with pigs.

    Be prepared to see this image for some time to come of unusual public Christmas trees from around the world.

    Court Says Black Pete is Racist

    Court Says Black Pete is Racist

    A Dutch court has ruled that the traditional Christmas character of Black Pete, or Zwarte Piet is racist and that Dutch cities planning holiday celebrations should avoid involving him.

    In the Dutch tradition, Santa arrives by boat in November, with several other boats carrying a small army of Black Petes. Most are white people wearing blackface, red lipstick and curly Afro-esque wigs, along with Renaissance attire. The Black Petes hand out cookies or candy to children. Overwhelming public polls show the controversy is considered overblown.

    The issue came to the forefront during the Christmas season of 2013 when a UN observer protested the tradition.

    The Black Pete character is normally portrayed by a white person wearing blackface makeup with bright red lipstick and a frizzy afro, who accompanies St. Nicholas or “Sinterklaas” at festivals or events. He is often also portrayed as dumb and subservient, supporting the court’s opinion that Black Pete is a negative stereotype.

    However, for much of the Dutch population, 80 percent of whom are white, as reported by the Associated Press, this reaction seems overzealous, as the character is not meant to be insulting.

    The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte seems to support this perspective, saying that, “Black Pete is black. There’s not much I can do to change that.”

    Rift Grows Between Iceland and Norway Over Christmas Tree

    Rift Grows Between Iceland and Norway Over Christmas Tree

    A proposal from Oslo’s mayor to stop sending an annual Christmas tree to Reykjavik has sparked a furious reaction from Icelanders, many of whom have interpreted the move as a calculated snub.

    “Fabian Stang, you have insulted an entire nation,” Tomas Frosti Sæmundsson, an Icelander living in Norway, wrote on the website of Norway’s Aftenposten newspaper. “I suggest you shove the tree up your whatever.”

    Oslo Mayor Fabian Stang this month wrote to his Reykjavík counterpart Jon Gnarr suggesting that the 50-year-old tradition should be brought to an end and that instead of shipping a Christmas tree, Oslo should instead pay for one to be felled on Iceland itself.

    “It is more environmentally friendly than transporting it over a long distance and the pine could be damaged during the long journey across the ocean,” Stang argued in an article in Iceland’s Morgunbladid newspaper.

    However, the proposal triggered a somewhat frosty reaction from Gnarr.

    “Sad. But what has Iceland ever done for Norway?” the mayor, a former punk musician, wrote on his Facebook page. “Well, we wrote their story and Heimskringla was the foundation for the independence of Norway in 1905. But who cares about some old books anyway?”

    Stang’s press spokesman Rune Dahl told The Local that Oslo’s intentions had been misinterpreted in the light of the breakdown of talks between Iceland and Norway over mackerel quotas in March.

    “Some mistook this as a political gesture: first we can’t agree to a mackerel quota and then we stopped sending the tree, and I think this and the upcoming election has been mixed together as a very strange view,” he told The Local. “People in Iceland have taken it personally, and the mayor in Reykjavik hasn’t done much to dampen the public anger.”

    Dahl estimates that ending the tradition would save the council around 900,000 kroner ($150,000).

    “It’s really a strange tradition to cut down a tree and send it by sea to another country, and also for the last few years there’s been problems with the shipping company,” he said. “It’s a question of cost.”

    Oslo also plans to end the even more expensive tradition of sending a tree to Rotterdam.

    “It’s a nightmare to Rotterdam,” Dahl explained. “First the tree is shipped to London and offloaded. Last year the Christmas tree in Rotterdam looked like it had been on a three-week bender.”

    It plans to continue shipping a tree to London, however.

    “The London tree will continue to be a priority,” Dahl said. “It’s an important thing. Everyone knows that the tree comes from Oslo. I think there were 10,000 people at the lighting ceremony of the tree last year.”

      Mayor Tells Family to Take Down Christmas Decor on Christmas Eve

      Mayor Tells Family to Take Down Christmas Decor on Christmas Eve

      According to local media the mayor of one New Jersey town knocked on a citizen’s door on Christmas Eve and asked the family there to remove Christmas decorations allegedly found offensive by another neighbor.

      Working with neighbors the Alvator family of Tenafly, New Jersey set out 300 decorative luminaries to celebrate Christmas. They claim to have cleared the action with local fire and police departments ahead of time.

      “Our neighbors, from all different backgrounds, sent their children out to help fill the bags and light the candles early in the evening on Christmas Eve. We loved it. We thought it was a great sense of community,” said Scott Semone.

      But by the time they sat down to a Christmas dinner around 9pm the mayor was knocking on the door and asking that the luminaries be removed. He claimed a neighbor a few doors down was offended by the candles and that he, being Jewish, understood how this neighbor felt.

      “It had nothing to do with religion. It was about bringing people in our neighborhood closer together,” Jason Alvator said.

      Teacher in Hot Water for Saying Santa is White

      Teacher in Hot Water for Saying Santa is White

      A New Mexico high school teacher has been disciplined for comments made stating that Santa Claus is white. Students at Cleveland High School in Rio Rancho, New Mexico were told they could come to school dressed as Santa Claus, an elf or a reindeer. The black student came as Santa and was told, “Don’t you know Santa Clause is white? Why are you wearing that?”

      The teacher reported the incident himself to school administration, who immediately disciplined the teacher. The student’s parents were upset by the comments and have since removed their son from that teacher’s class. Father Michael Rougier said the teacher’s comments enraged him.

      “There’s no room for that in the classroom,” he said. “Whether this teacher felt Christopher may have been wearing this out of context, there’s no room for it. There’s just no room for it.”

      Just *like that* race has entered into the dialogue of Christmas, thanks to absurd statements by Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly commenting on an article by a black writer. Kelly now says she was just kidding:

      Nevertheless the Internet and offline publications have since exploded on the topic of Santa and Jesus’ ethnicity, creating a kind of race war on Christmas.

      The L.A. Times wrote a feature about one of the few working black Santa portrayers in the country working a mall in a predominantly black section of Los Angeles.

      From Comedy Central to Saturday Night Live, commentators have had a field day in the newest non-issue in the war on Christmas.

      City Removes Racy Christmas Tree

      City Removes Racy Christmas Tree

      Christmas in Italy has been interesting this year: a Christmas tree in the city of Milan has been removed due to the racy nature of its decorations — sex toys.

      Sponsored — of course! — by an operator of an e-commerce website the tree had drawn a lot of media attention and a number of complaints. The city said in an order that the Christmas season, “qualifying as a holiday for children and families, requires sobriety in urban decorations,” in particular when using “traditional symbols that distinguish Christmas.” (Clearly this could never happen in the United States. Too much common sense).

      The website vendor defended the “Tree of Pleasure” stating that the objects chosen were “tastefully selected for their elegance” and as a statement that sex toys should be considered normal, everyday “appliances” to remove their taboo status. The vendor complied with the order to remove the tree.

      We now return you to less salacious items of Christmas in the news….