Why You Should Be Concerned About Canceling Thanksgiving

Why You Should Be Concerned About Canceling Thanksgiving

As COVID-19 rages across the country and the world, local governments are now going beyond “asking” citizens to limit gatherings. We are being told now to cancel them altogether.

“You must cancel the normal Thanksgiving plans,” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Thursday. “Particularly if they include guests that do not live in your immediate household.”

Governors in California and New York have issued demands some are looking at sideways. Among the new rules are; all gatherings must include no more than three households, masks must stay on after eating and drinking and singing, chanting and shouting are “strongly discouraged.”

The CDC has also jumped in with their guidelines: “if you are with friends or family outside your household, you should wear a well-fitting mask, keep 6 feet of distance from people who do not live with you, and keep hands clean. The agency also recommends bringing your own plate, cups, and utensils, store your mask safely while eating and drinking, avoid going in and out of the kitchen while food is being prepared, and using single use options for condiments and food containers.”

The State of Minnesota has become more specific – and they aren’t calling them “guidelines”. They are “restrictions”. On Tuesday, Gov. Tim Walz restricted the size of indoor and outdoor private gatherings to 10 and under, and limited them to people from just three households.

Covid Thanksgiving

The rules, guidelines and restrictions vary by state. In Pennsylvania, college students have to get tested before going home.

New York says no more than ten people can gather.

We can share links from most states that show their concerns, guidelines, recommendations and pleas.

It’s easy to understand why this is happening. According to nearly every source COVID is surging just about everywhere. In many places hospitals are at near capacity or beyond. The fullly feared power of the pandemic is upon us and it appears to be getting worse.

There are also plenty of politics at play in the whole thing. Debates rage about the numbers almost as much as the pandemic rages itself.

But how does what is happening affect Christmas and why should we be concerned?

Look, we’re adults. We’re smart. We can manage our own homes.

The vast majority of people have all year been doing all they can to avoid the virus. Yes, there are the mask nazis and the anti-maskers in every community. But the vast group in the middle have changed everything about their lives, suffered job losses due to shutdowns and still go nowhere outside of their own homes without a mask.

For anyone, from the government or otherwise, trying to dictate what happens in a private home is crossing a very sacred line.

That is why you see snarky push back to Thanksgiving guidelines on social media and from celebrities in the mainstream media.

At the end of the day this is true: you don’t have to do as you are told.

That’s the first law of nature. You are independent.

Of course, as possessed with good common sense, most are being very careful with their choices related to the celebration of their holidays. Halloween, for example, was very different this year. To blame the current surge in corona cases on Halloween has been suggested by a few and they have been quickly shot down. While there are always exceptions in everything Halloween was celebrated differently specifically because of COVID.

So too will Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We are not advocating the unsafe celebration of anything. We are not disagreeing with the assessment of added risks that come from gathering. We are not disputing the science behind reducing the spread of the virus or any other dangerous disease.

What we are advising is that within the walls of your own home you make choices that are none of anyone else’s business. We believe you can choose wisely without “restrictions” or “mandates”.

As you hear the heightened rhetoric, and maybe fall under “restrictions” that may cause you to run a foul of the “law”, consider how so much of this could be a dangerous overreach.

We have been mocked for our warnings that they want to forbid the celebration of Christmas some day in our own homes.

Can’t you see how in the name of public health they are reaching into our homes and telling us what to do? These things are setting a dangerous precedent.

By all means, be safe. But by all means, celebrate your Thanksgiving and say no to the intrusion on your own private lives.

Melania Trump and Christmas

Melania Trump and Christmas

Melania Trump and Christmas have, overall, had a bumpy history in her time as First Lady.

It seems that despite her best efforts she just cannot do anything right. To be fair — because so few are these days when it comes to Mrs. Trump — the media has a far longer history of hating Christmas.

Tonight many of them are gleefully throwing Mrs. Trump under the Christmas bus for comments she made in a privately recorded phone call.

The tapes of the call expose a conversation where Mrs. Trump is expressing her frustration over the media’s lack of cooperation in covering a story about immigrant children.

In the course of that conversation she said, “I’m working … my a** off on the Christmas stuff, that you know, who gives a f*** about the Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do it, right?”

Melania Trump and Christmas

From this conversation many of the media and on social media are accusing Mrs. Trump of being anti-Christmas and re-igniting the so-called War on Christmas.

“Talk about a war on Christmas,” Anderson Cooper snarked in his interview with Wolkoff after airing the tape. “It’s funny that she would be leading that.”

We have been fearful for sometime that Christmas would be dragged into the politics of 2020 and here we go.

This situation, however, has nothing to do with Christmas and Mrs. Trump’s comments should not be taken out of context. If you listen to the whole recording she is complaining about how as First Lady she cannot get attention to the situation with immigrant children at the border because the media would not cover it. Instead, the media was obsessed with her activity in decorating the White House for Christmas (which the media repeatedly trashed her for).

None of this has anything to do with Christmas. There is nothing in her comments to indicate a dislike for Christmas or Christmas decorating. That has not stopped social media from disparaging her mercilessly:

Honestly, while we are fairly certain of President Trump’s take on Christmas we honestly cannot speak to Mrs. Trump’s true feeling about Christmas.

We do not believe, however, that these recordings reflect an anti-Christmas attitude as many are trying to spin it. Clearly Mrs. Trump – and Christmas – is being used for political grandstanding.

Christmas has no place in this campaign season.

Christmas is about peace. It is being used in this context (out of context, that is) in a battle.

This is shameful and it is everything we stand against.

The Post Office is the New Battleground in the War on Christmas

The Post Office is the New Battleground in the War on Christmas

In one of the strangest twists in the War on Christmas President Trump, for a change, is being accused of picking a fight that adversely affects Christmas enthusiasts. Normally he’s a hero to the pro-Christmas crowd with his continual insistence that America will say “Merry Christmas” again. But these days his opponents claim Trump is the one waging war on Christmas.

According multiple news reports the President has engineered a scheme to stripped the USPS of both funding and equipment in his fight against mail-in voting. The executive level actions are being used by Democrats to levy charges that Trump is taking away the ability of Americans to send Christmas letters and packages this year.

In a matter of days these were just some of the millions of Tweets sent out about it from differing sides of the argument (including from the President himself):

Trump War on Christmas

Trump War on Christmas

Trump War on Christmas

Trump War on Christmas

Trump War on Christmas

Trump War on Christmas

Trump War on Christmas

Trump War on Christmas

In addition to the tweets flying there have also been — predictably — several memes about the subject that have made the rounds:

Trump War on Christmas

Trump War on Christmas

Trump War on Christmas


As we sadly predicted earlier this year we felt 2020 would represent a resurgence in the War on Christmas the likes we have never seen. This, however, was something we never could have predicted. We’re only in August — and already the so-called War is raging.

We don’t like it one bit.

Facebook Bans Zwarte Piet

Facebook Bans Zwarte Piet

In a move that surprises no one Facebook has now officially announced a ban against Zwarte Piet, also known as Black Pete. The traditional Dutch character has been under fire for years as activists have worked to scrub the tradition from The Netherlands. In a blog post this week Facebook says they will be banning all images and videos of blackface.

Would that preclude this story then? (We’ll see)

While this particular policy has been anticipated for a long time it comes when Facebook is increasingly under fire for censorship and dismal fact-checking practices. Facebook uses politically motivated, backed and liberal sourced media operations to power their fact-checking efforts.

Zwarte PietThe controversies of Black Pete have not really originated in The Netherlands. For nearly two hundred years they paraded the character openly on the streets during annual celebrations of St. Nicholas. There was nary a complaint.

But activists came from outside the country and soon the UN embedded itself into the country’s traditions to ban a character who was never racist in the least. But despite the history, despite the innocent play of a character covered in soot the Netherlands populace who have backed the tradition were labeled as racist without any kind defense whatsoever. Through slanted international media the country has more or less been shamed to give up a tradition that was never intended or designed to cause offense.

Facebook’s decision has already drawn criticism from some who see it as censorship, and it is sure to reignite what is already a heated—and at times violent—debate surrounding the tradition. Within hours of the decision the far right “Pro Zwarte Piet” Facebook page created an event where members plan to spam post all their pictures of the character and called on them to boycott the platform. According to NOS, the Dutch national broadcaster, in order for pictures of Black Pete to be removed, users must actively report them.

Anti-racist activists see the decision as a small victory, with the popular “Zwarte Piet is Racisme” page heralding the decision as “a happy day for the Netherlands.” But some activists have also questioned why a private corporation has taken the lead instead of the national government. While Prime Minister Mark Rutte—who himself has dressed up as the character—recently described the tradition as racist, he refused to go so far as to say that the tradition would be outright banned.

Hallmark Under Fire Again

Hallmark Under Fire Again

When Hallmark announced their new movie line-up for 2020 they once again were chastised by LGBTQ advocates for not having any LGBTQ stories, characters or plotlines in their productions. Hallmark had previously aired a same-sex wedding in a commercial in December 2019 which resulted in a protest of the channel by a conservative group called One Million Moms.

Hallmark yanked the commercial, then reinstated it after a few days of getting scorched on social media.

After dismissing and replacing their CEO, Hallmark has just announced they will develop LGBTQ movies to include in their Christmas content.

One Million Moms is on offense again. One Million Moms posted a petition stating that “so many people feel betrayed by Hallmark over these past seven months,” claiming that families can’t watch “without being bombarded by politically correct commercials and the LGBTQ agenda.” The post goes to cite a verse from the Bible and list what One Million Moms will be boycotting in reaction to Hallmark exploring LGBTQ storylines, characters, and actors: Hallmark Channel, Hallmark wrapping paper, greeting cards, and Christmas ornaments.

For now, Hallmark appears to be holding their ground. One executive released a statement say, “Diversity and inclusion is a top priority for us and we look forward to making some exciting programming announcements in the coming months, including announcements about projects featuring LGBTQ storylines, characters, and actors. We are committed to creating a Hallmark experience where everyone feels welcome.”

Obviously, One Million Moms (or less or more, depending on who you ask) do not feel included. According to the One Million Moms website, the organization began to “give moms an impact with the decision-makers and let them know we are upset with the messages they are sending our children and the values (or lack of them) they are pushing.”

It will be interesting to see how Hallmark intended to deal with this situation. They are bound to be bullied by either side.

Hallmark as a lock on Christmas television, with their endless productions of schmaltzy Christmas movies earning them hundreds of millions of dollars a year. So a lot is at stake with this situation.