Mystified Media Struggles to Explain Christmas in Stores in August

Mystified Media Struggles to Explain Christmas in Stores in August

Despite the fact there is an historic, ugly election going on plus the Olympics, a huge refugee problem, a devastating war in Syria, the winning Chicago Cubs, another major earthquake followed by an epic typhoon in Japan, sagging oil prices, and the impending death of Obamacare going on the media is asking this burning question: why are there Christmas decorations in stores in August?

It’s time, folks, for the mythical season of “Christmas creep”. That’s the mysterious, so-called season of disbelief that retailers would — gasp! — stock Christmas items when it isn’t Christmas. Forget the fact this has been going on for over a century. Forget as well that shoppers really don’t mind it, as the media told us last year. It’s a mystery, doggone it — a travesty. A sick sign of society’s decline. Something must be done!!!!

In Cleveland the media is just baffled. But they have taken a cerebral approach to merchants and they just ask WHY? Their answer: “Um, we gotta put it somewhere“.

In Chicago they seem perplexed when the National Retail Federation of Sicko Shoppers and Crazy Christmas Extremists explains that 40% of shoppers want to buy this stuff before Halloween.

And in Utah — of all places — they publish the first truly epic Millennial whine about Christmas altogether. Really, this is an editorial to behold. You have to read it. Wrong not only is Christmas in stores but also the fact that we don’t call Jesus Yeshua, is, for whatever reason, a crime against humanity.

Get ready for three solid months of this from the media. They are only getting warmed up.

The first reminders about Christmas layaway will hit TV screens just after Labor Day and that really unleashes the whining about Christmas out-there-before-December-23rd. Even in an election year when the advertising of all things takes a seriously twisted turn we’re going to hear nothing but moans from an industry — the media — about Christmas.

Forget that Christmas pays their salary. Forget that people love it. The media just loves to attack it.

Cries of Christmas Creep in UK Ring Hollow

Cries of Christmas Creep in UK Ring Hollow

On the first of August a London department store opened their Christmas shop. That’s not news. They have been doing that for years. What is news is that the media in England — the very birthplace of Dickens and the modern Christmas — is now creating a campaign against Christmas and generating polls that “show” your every day British citizen is against Christmas in August.

A survey conducted by — a UK printing establishment whose very lifeblood comes from Christmas advertising — is cited in local British media as surveying that only “Most (38.7 per cent) said that one month in advance was an acceptable time for retailers to start their seasonal advertising. A similar 34.7 per cent though that between one and two months was enough.”

But…here’s the media kicker —

Worryingly, a fanatical festive few believed that Christmas ads should start in the middle of summer, with 7.2 per cent saying they’d be happy to see them more than five months in advance.

What makes this unbelievable is that England is the country where Christmas advertising is as big as Hollywood movies. The world there literally stops the first week of November as annual commercials by department stores are unveiled with movie-like debuts and instantly go viral on social media. These are not your run of the mill Christmas advertisements to be compared with anything in the United States — these have to be seen to be believed.

Don’t believe us? Check out this ad from 2015 on Youtube. The video has more than 26 million views. And it is a commercial.

Other commercial aspects of Christmas are as anticipated and traditional in England too. Coca Cola has roving lighted trucks that roam the countryside going from town to town in England to big crowds and huge fanfare as fans cheer them from the street. This isn’t just selling a beverage — to the Brits it is a celebration of Christmas.

The British are famously Christmas crazy. They have — even more than the United States — started it earlier and celebrated it heartily for centuries.

It’s not like they are going to turn it off over night.

Public opinions in the UK have never cried of Christmas creep before. Never.

In other words, much like the campaign against Christmas in the United States, this new claim in England is purely a media agenda.

But watch it go now.

The war on Christmas might be late to the party in the UK but it’s there now. And it is only getting started.

Canada Wigs Out Over Costco Christmas in July

Canada Wigs Out Over Costco Christmas in July

It has finally happened — a retailer celebrating Christmas in July has been accused of Christmas creep. Costco stores in Canada are in the news and under assault on social media for selling Christmas items in July.

Forget the fact that Christmas in July has been a retailer tradition for more than a century.

And forget the fact that the media by and large gives retailers everywhere a pass until August 1st before lobbing bombs about Christmas Creep. Forget the fact as well that the linked news source above has broken the 20-year tradition of first complaining about Pumpkin Spice season before complaining about Christmas Creep.

This is a huge leap from standard media protocol about Christmas. This crosses a whole new line.

Christmas creep is a season that runs from August 1st until about a week before Christmas. The purpose of the season is to complain about the presence of Christmas in public in any fashion. Christmas creep is far more than complaining about retailers. It now encompasses people who hang their lights too early, cities who parade Santa too soon, towns who light trees in November and even schools who practice Christmas songs at Thanksgiving.

From this point in the calendar year forward you can expect more and more whining about Christmas in the media. And even though you won’t find a single person in your circle of influence that knows or cares about any of this the media will still claim that people all over are talking about it.

Don’t believe it.

Christmas Creep Comes to the Movies

Christmas Creep Comes to the Movies

Hollywood has not produced a decent Christmas movie in over a decade. But that does not mean they don’t keep making them. They’ve got a new one coming out in 2016 called Almost Christmas and they have already started marketing the film. And that has some in the film business saying, “What? It’s June!”.

Yup, Christmas Creep has come to the movies.

Almost Christmas opens on November 11th, stars Danny Glover as the patriarch of a family just recovering from the loss of his wife. They are, of course, dysfunctional, weird, twisted, gross and crude (you can watch the trailer below).

But they aren’t talking about that. They are talking – complaining – about a Christmas movie being hyped out of season.

Their justification? Read:

A Christmas movie trailer at the height of summer just feels like an unwelcome reminder that time is passing much faster than we’d like to think. Before you know it, this year will be over, and then this decade, and then the decade after that.

Yeah, we know. Pretty weak for a Christmas creep argument.

We’ll just say the movie industry should just button up on this one. If anyone is guilty of creep in any season it is the movie folks. After all, Star Wars Episode VIII comes out for Memorial Day in 2017 — and everyone already knows it.

No, what the movie industry should be working is making decent Christmas movies. This one, obviously, won’t go down in history as anything special:

Christmas Creep Season Kicks Off in the UK

Christmas Creep Season Kicks Off in the UK

Christmas creep season officially got underway for the 2016 with the airing of White Christmas on May 29th, drawing the ire of British media and on Twitter. The UK publican Marie Claire claims the British public is “outraged”.

Local television station More4 defended itself by claiming they were celebrating the original release date of White Christmas — the song — of May 29th, 1942. Most think of Bing Crosby’s White Christmas as an American song but really the song was an international smash as it became the anthem of World War II for all service and military members missing Christmas at home.

But evidently the holiday classic shown in May is too much for some Brits, who complain that even “mince pies in September” is an outrage.

The ironic and interesting sidebar to this story is that White Christmas is an entirely secular Christmas film. There is nothing religious about it. Religion overall is frowned upon generally in the UK these days and Christianity itself has waned, especially with the growing number of Muslims settling there. So this is not a protest against the religious Christmas.

This is merely an temper tantrum about seeing Christmas too soon in the UK.