Target Puts the Creep in Retailing

Target Puts the Creep in Retailing

The Washington Post, NBC News and even Drudge Report all bought into Target’s headline fight against “Christmas Creep”. From coast to coast, Target made news by slamming Christmas.

But walk into any Target anywhere in the world and what do you see? Wall to wall Christmas. And it has been up on Target shelves since August.

What gives?

Is Target really fighting Christmas creep? Or are they merely trying to pull a fast one?

It’s worse than that.

They are lying.

The socially sensitive and politically active Target just can’t seem to get it’s message right. “Christmas creep”, to them, evidently means that customers don’t want to see Christmas ads in October.

For two days now Target – and those who haven’t done any homework – are congratulating Target for ‘focusing on Thanksgiving’ – instead of Christmas in late October and early November.

Memo to Target: That’s not what Christmas creep is.

You can’t claim to be a warrior against Christmas creep while displaying nothing but Christmas all over the store.

Target has out the Christmas cards, the lights, the decorations, the clothes and the foods. Christmas is everywhere at Target. Right now. And this makes them ‘focusing more on Thanksgiving’?

I don’t see Thanksgiving sweaters or cards or special Oreos or CDs. There are not Thanksgiving trees, or lights and what passes for décor in Thanksgiving at Target is enough to make a pilgrim throw up.

This same company – Target – famously hijacked Black Friday in 2011 by moving it’s door buster deals to the weekend after Halloween.

Now they expect us to believe they’ve given all that up – for the sake of focusing on Thanksgiving?

Nobody is that stupid, Target.

Here’s what is really going on: Target is waving the white flag of surrender to the big boys in Christmas retailing. They give up.

What they are saying is that you won’t see a Christmas ad or sale from Target until the day after Thanksgiving. With this politically correct move what they’ve done is essence is save millions of dollars from advertising against the likes of Walmart for the first 24 days of November.

It’s called the Nordstrom’s Approach to Christmas Retailing.

Every November Nordstrom’s hangs a snotty sign in their windows declaring, in sanctimonious tones, that they celebrate their holidays one at time and Christmas of any sort won’t appear in their stores until after Thanksgiving is done.

Forget the fact that on every Nordstrom website and catalogue there’s nothing but Christmas galore to be had from August forward.

That’s what Target is doing – waving the moralistic hand on the left while picking your Christmas pocket on the right.

It more than smacks of hypocrisy.

It means that Target thinks everyone is dumb.

It is difficult to fathom the thinking behind such a move. But then again, maybe it’s not.

This is the same company that gave us the Christmas credit card breach to millions of people, who turned transgender bathrooms into a debate that only pedophiles shop at Target, and who kicked bell ringing Santas from its doorsteps.

Target sure has a lot of faith in their signage. They entered the gun control debate with a sign that they are sure will stop conceal carry patrons from entering their stores.

And don’t forget, if an item or a brand that bears a Confederate flag in their logo or designs – it cannot be sold at Target.

When it comes to social statements we’d rather just see Target shut up. They just can’t get their crap together.

Christmas Creep isn’t a thing. We’ve been saying it for years.

But since Target insists that it is a thing we think they should put their money where their mouth is: box up every damn Christmas product in that store and don’t bring it out until Thanksgiving is over.

Until you do that, you’re liars, hypocrites and thieves – to everyone.

Who in the Media Will Be the First to Complain About Christmas Creep

Who in the Media Will Be the First to Complain About Christmas Creep

It’s that lovely time of year again. Christmas in July is over. The media has spent its orgasmic energy praising Amazon for holding a sidewalk sale. And there’s nothing yet to complain about.

Until they notice the Christmas stuff at Hobby Lobby. Then the bombs will drop and we’ll start hearing the first complaints of Christmas Creep.

Oddly enough, those complaints will last ALL the way until Thanksgiving.

So who will be the first to say it? The LA Times? TMZ? Forbes?

They have all complained about Christmas-when-they-don’t-like-it-before. And they are just itching with Trump in the White House for this rumble to get started.

But so far everyone has held their fire. In fact, it has been eerily quiet on the Christmas war front. We cannot say that we expected that.

But we have no doubt it will happen soon. After all, Mariah Carey is already trying to sell her 25 year old record again.

And Chaz the Spaz has already announced his Satanic-Trump-Weenie Pole for the Florida Statehouse again.

They’re all primed and ready to explode. All they need is a trigger.

Wonder where it will happen?

Media Claims Thanksgiving Closings Fights Christmas Creep

Media Claims Thanksgiving Closings Fights Christmas Creep

The trend of Christmas shopping 2016 is for malls to stay closed on Thanksgiving Day. The media declares this development a fight against Christmas creep.

Having a hard time putting your head around that? Yeah, us too.

Television KSDK in St. Louis is claiming in a new report that a local mall is giving up its Thanksgiving business in order to give mall employees a chance to stay home for the traditional family holiday. This, they claim, is the mall’s way of fighting back against Christmas creep.

Let’s give KSDK a little lesson. We’ll bet them any amount of money that all four of the local malls own by CBL Properties in St. Louis put their Christmas decorations up the first week of November.

You see, they don’t give a rat’s ass about Christmas creep. (And the public doesn’t either).

CBL is closing their malls on Thanksgiving Day for one reason and one reason only: money. Oh, and news reporters. They can’t have news reporters showing empty malls on Thanksgiving Day. And that’s exactly what they reported last year when malls DID open on Thanksgiving Day. Yes, shoppers did shop some last Thanksgiving. Just not at a mall.

They went to Kmart, Walmart and Macy’s, the big retailers really driving the shop-on-Thanksgiving trends.

Sorry, KSDK. The malls are no heroes. If they want to be, let’s see them give employees the same days off but just for the whole weekend.

Oh, never going to happen? Right. This is about money. And nothing more.

Fighting “Christmas Creep” is kind of like going to war against fog. It can be done….but who cares? You see, Christmas creep is a myth. A total myth. It doesn’t exist and there aren’t enough dumb television stations in the world to convince us other wise.

Fox13 in Tampa Declares Christmas Creep Season

Fox13 in Tampa Declares Christmas Creep Season

Even with a major hurricane bearing down on them Fox13 in Tampa is reporting the early presence of Christmas in stores as “a thing”. Forget the fact we’ve shown over and over that Christmas creep isn’t new or even bothersome. They insist “Christmas is creeping into stores earlier than ever” and that it is a “sign of the times”.

Clearly, this is yet another media agenda driven attempt to re-write history and create something out of nothing.

They cite a Credit “survey” that says three fourths of respondents object to early Christmas in stores. The survey was done with just 1000 people and they claim it was “scientific”. That same scientific survey also reported that more than 34 million shoppers had completed their Christmas shopping already.

Wow. That’s a lot of really upset people spending against their will.

None of these are real numbers. In fact, these numbers are suspiciously similar to the numbers they reported last year. (Fox13 wouldn’t know that because they did ZERO research on this non-story).

If Christmas creep is really a “thing” then why do retailers bother putting out product that supposedly doesn’t sell?

And where’s the “outrage” when we see lawn mowers in January or swim suits in April? Halloween stores have been open for two months yet there’s nary a word about Halloween creep.

The problem with media outlets like Fox13 in Tampa is that they are lazy. They don’t bother to research before they report “a story”. Christmas trees in Costco in October is NOT a story.

This is, by the way, why people still insist there is a “war on Christmas”. Pointless stories that paint Christmas as some kind of demon really do have a point — and even a media entity such as Fox13 Tampa which makes their money from advertisers at Christmas time are part of the problem.

Media Claims UK Shoppers Angry Over Christmas in Shops

Media Claims UK Shoppers Angry Over Christmas in Shops

Christmas shoppers in Plymouth, England are evidently fed up with Christmas. A merchant there dared to put out Christmas cards for sale the first week of September and according to UK media shoppers are appalled and angry.

Mrs Ivey, who was visiting Plymouth to do some shopping, added: “It’s absolutely daft. I leave my Christmas shopping as late as I possibly can. “I think it’s a great shame that shops are already selling Christmas items because by the time Christmas comes, you are so fed up with it.

The article is one in a series that have popped up over the past several months attacking Christmas in the UK — a somewhat new phenomenon. But the anti-Christmas sentiment seems to be picking up steam in England these days. Last month a politician spoke of banning Coke trucks at Christmas because they are making UK children fat and when a department store opened their Christmas shop on August 1st — something they have traditionally done for years — the media cried foul.

What’s happening in the UK is the same thing that has happened for well over a decade in America — the media is trying to spur outrage where there is none. Free market forces determine the right and wrong in these issues: if items don’t sell merchants just won’t stock them.

The UK is famously Christmas crazy. Though time schedules in the UK vary slightly from that of the US they have for decades started earlier and celebrate Christmas longer than their American cousins. For years Brits have prided themselves on a lack of a “War on Christmas” in the Uk.

Those days appear to be over.