Canadian Drug Store Stops Christmas Music Due to Complaints

Shoppers Drug Mart in Vancouver, BC, started playing Christmas music late last week — just as the calendar turned over to November 1st. Within a few hours the company reports that customers complained and that due to those complaints they killed off the Christmas music.

That’s right. November 2, 2012 the Christmas music died at Shoppers Drug Mart. Evidently the store has had a years-long tradition of playing Christmas music after Halloween.

Spokeswoman Tammy Smitham says some customers had complained that it was too soon to be playing Christmas music in the stores.

She says Shoppers began playing Christmas music on Thursday, but some unhappy customers contacted the company through Facebook and customer service.

Smitham says the Christmas music will be back, likely later in the month.

While one British online survey found that 95 per cent of consumers prefer shopping with in-store music, nearly 50 per cent said November is too soon to start playing Christmas music in shops.

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