Canadian Banks Refuse to Decorate for Christmas

Feuds of Christmas displayed on public grounds is one thing. But to complain about a bank not decorating for Christmas? Is that really a problem?

To some Canadians, it is.

Customers of a bank called RBC Financial Services are complaining that bank personnel claim it is against company policy this year to decorate for Christmas. A multi-branch check of the situation reveals that yes, indeed, RBC is not decorating for Christmas this year and employees state is it is company policy not to do so.

And why?

They don’t want to offend anyone.

So what’s happened.

Well, people are offended.

A company’s avoidance of “Christmas” isn’t a new thing. In fact, for years in the United States lists have been kept of companies that refuse to use the word “Christmas” in their seasonal advertising, who won’t allow their employees to say “Merry Christmas” or who just don’t decorate at all during the season. But rarely have we seen these types of reports coming from Canada.

As for the bank they say it is all a misunderstanding about a directive to keep holiday decorations tasteful.

We’re not sure how the leap is made from “keep it tasteful” to “keep it non-existent”. And we’re not sure, frankly, just how important it is that a bank decorate for Christmas in the first place. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t appear to be that important.

However, by flat out refusing to decorate and to have that policy forwarded by bank representatives to the public, well, that’s another thing altogether. That IS offensive. After all, if hearts can be plastered on the windows at Valentine’s Day why can’t there be a tree in the lobby? Banks sure process a lot of money during the Christmas season. It would seem prudent to keep that part of the business from being offended.

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