Canada Wigs Out Over Costco Christmas in July

It has finally happened — a retailer celebrating Christmas in July has been accused of Christmas creep. Costco stores in Canada are in the news and under assault on social media for selling Christmas items in July.

Forget the fact that Christmas in July has been a retailer tradition for more than a century.

And forget the fact that the media by and large gives retailers everywhere a pass until August 1st before lobbing bombs about Christmas Creep. Forget the fact as well that the linked news source above has broken the 20-year tradition of first complaining about Pumpkin Spice season before complaining about Christmas Creep.

This is a huge leap from standard media protocol about Christmas. This crosses a whole new line.

Christmas creep is a season that runs from August 1st until about a week before Christmas. The purpose of the season is to complain about the presence of Christmas in public in any fashion. Christmas creep is far more than complaining about retailers. It now encompasses people who hang their lights too early, cities who parade Santa too soon, towns who light trees in November and even schools who practice Christmas songs at Thanksgiving.

From this point in the calendar year forward you can expect more and more whining about Christmas in the media. And even though you won’t find a single person in your circle of influence that knows or cares about any of this the media will still claim that people all over are talking about it.

Don’t believe it.

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