Can Cameron get it right to Save Christmas?

Just as Kirk Cameron’s Christmas movie project Saving Christmas needed another push of media its website was somehow hacked again by “Islamic terrorists”. We’re not saying it isn’t true. We just think it is curious.

Saving Christmas is supposed to be a Christian response to atheists and anti-Christmas detractors who continually harp on Christmas. And Cameron is pushing hard to promote the “us versus them” angle of his movie. The Turkish website hackers appear to possess incredible timing in helping Cameron make this point.

“We have expected opposition to the message of ‘Saving Christmas‘ from the beginning,” said an executive for Provident Films, Mediaite reported. “But we had no idea it would come from the other side of the world. This incident only heightens our resolve to help this important message get out.”

The Saving Christmas website was taken over by Ayyildiz Tim International Force, a group that has also hacked pages run by the United Nations. The site was reportedly replaced with a banner image of a man in armor—believed to be the Muslim sultan Saladin, who fought Christian crusaders in 788 to 793 B.C. (Before Cameron)—along with Turkish text reading, “The Turkish spirit will shine again and the use of weapons will emerge in the nation’s history as this hero will shine again.”

After hearing “music and a loud gunshot,” visitors were automatically redirected to the Ayyildiz Tim Twitter page, where the group regularly brags of all the other, equally important enemies of Islam it’s waged its holy hacker war upon. Oddly enough, the Ayyildiz Tim Twitter account doesn’t actually boast about hacking Cameron’s website itself—and in fact, it only retweets The Blaze’s story about the hacking.

“Coincidence?” Cameron asks. “Or does it actually prove the title of the movie? Will you and your family join me and my family this year in putting ‘Christ’ back in Christmas?”

Cameron is promoting his movie to Christian websites, Christian publications and Christian groups to sell tickets to Christians during a limited two-week run of the movie in November.

He claims the movie puts Christ back in Christmas.

Will it?

In media interviews Cameron claims there is religious significance to all the elements of the season — from mistletoe to Santa Claus — because they all celebrate Christ. Yet, at the same time, movie previews appear to belittle the use of the phrase “happy holidays”, which of course is derived from the term “happy holy days”.

Can Cameron rise above it all or will he only continue to divide Christmas and Christians?

We haven’t seen the movie. But we would be surprised if Cameron included the following in his production:

1. Christmas existed and was celebrated before Christ. (Tell the story of Isaiah, Kirk!)
2. Christmas embraces elements of pagan worship that were adopted later as Christian symbols. (Truth is truth).
3. Christmas has evolved over time to morph into both a sacred and secular observance. (And that’s ok).

Ultimately, this “war” on Christmas is never ending because the extremes — and Kirk Cameron is an extreme in this conversation — will only argue with other extremes. Both push agendas that extend far beyond Christmas and the celebration of a holiday.

In the end, we declare, with the movie yet unseen, Saving Christmas is nothing more than propaganda for one side.

And it won’t help or solve anything.

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