California Man Has to Tone Down Christmas Lights

Last year things got violent over Richard Viselli’s Christmas light display. The Claremont, California man has a passion for exhuberant displays each Christmas on his home and last year took it to a new level by broadcasting music via a low frequency FM transmitter to synchronize his “show” to festive tunes. Things will be a little less merry for Viselli this year after agreeing with the city to ditch the music and tone down the lights.

If the compromise hadn’t been reached Viselli might have had to conform to a proposed “entertainment” ordinance that would have required a city permit and perhaps paid policing of the site during each night of the Christmas season when the lights would have been on.

“It cut my heart out,” Mr. Viselli later said. “It’s my passion, but I have to live with it. I am happy that I get to at least keep my lights with no restrictions.”

The council did agree to allow Mr. Viselli to display a limitless amount of Christmas lights and urged him to continue compromising with his neighbors.

Despite the agreement to tone down the show, Mr. Viselli promises his Christmas display will still be impressive. His goal is to have up to 45,000 lights at his house and also plans to decorate 5 neighboring homes “to their fullest.”

“I’m just looking to add some Christmas spirit to this neighborhood,” Mr. Viselli said.

(Source: Claremont Courier) 

One thought on “California Man Has to Tone Down Christmas Lights

  • December 3, 2007 at 12:10 pm

    Residents in Claremont POSE as these free-spirited Bohemian Radicals who believe in creative expression yet in this case, these residents are just trying to douse someone’s infectious holiday spirit for neighboring people who need it, like my family for example. Sadly, this year we have seen enough death, disappointment and such… All people want is some kind of happy reprieve from the war in Iraq, nightly news and mortgage issues. Just let Viselli make others happy, what is the harm? The basic premise for the season, (religious views aside) is tolerance and giving to others. In my eyes, Viselli is giving residents the reprieve we need from the aforementioned hardships in addition to giving us something to smile about. I don’t see the problem.

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