Breitbart Jumps on the War on Christmas Bandwagon

Media giant Breitbart has joined FoxNews as a warrior in the War on Christmas. And they stretch the War on Christmas to a bizarre new level.

In a new piece being broadcast today Starbucks is being accused of whitewashing Christmas through a series of incremental changes since 2009 to their iconic red cups. Every Christmas season as a seeming signal to consumers that the holiday season has arrived Starbucks changes from using white cups to red cups. In years past they have had festive holiday designs on their cups. This year, they don’t. It is just a red cup with Starbuck’s odd logo on it.

This is war on Christmas?

Raheem Kassam says so:

“But Ragih,” I hear you say. “Why do you care about what Starbucks is doing anyway? It’s crap coffee and none of us buy it.” Sure, but plenty of people do. And subliminally, they’re being told/reminded that this time of the year is no longer about Christmas. It’s about the colour red, or something. It’s a “holiday season”. Don’t say Merry Christmas. It’s offensive.

Let’s bring this back to reality.

First of all, nobody looks to Starbucks as a Christmas bellwether. Is it not Christmas because Starbucks or any other corporate entity says so.

If Starbucks wants to make a political statement with their packaging let them. Want to know what matters to them, really? It’s sales. That is all. If they go too far in their politics guess what? People won’t go there (see Target). People vote with money and Starbucks is most interested in money over Christmas. Christmas is just a means to their money end. That is all. When they go to far they will have slit their own throat.

Kassam may well be right in that corporate entities in America are whitewashing Christianity away from culture. But we don’t have to jump on the war on Christmas band wagon to make this point. Christmas isn’t going anywhere because it was never at Starbucks to begin with.

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