Bogus Battle of Christmas Music

The calendar has turned to November but many in the media claim shoppers in stores don’t want to hear Christmas music.

This despite the fact that retailers are pushing Christmas sales, “door buster” Black Friday-like bargains and decorations are starting to go up.

This also despite the fact that radio stations nationwide are flipping to all-Christmas music formats that are oh so profitable.

Why the disconnect?

How can the media portray shoppers as “annoyed” when radio stations can’t get the Christmas music on fast enough?

We’ve reached a common crossroads in the annual so-called War on Christmas. With Halloween behind us it is a little out-of-fashion to keep crying about Christmas creep (though some are still hard at that) so now the media focus takes on two anti-Christmas themes: Christmas music too soon and shopping on Thanksgiving.

This same chapter plays out every year.

What’s so wrong with Christmas music? If it is so popular on the radio why does the media mind if stores play it too?

It is one of the mysteries of Christmas.

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