Bloggers Awaken to Wage Christmas Battle

Let the games begin.

Around the world and documented in the blogosphere the war on Christmas 2007 has begun.

From the UK, comes this musing about whether or not the war starts a little earlier each year.

Here is a recent convert to atheism wondering if she’s selling out to Christians by celebrating Christmas.

Here is a sad post made last December 26th stating that Christmas lost the war. For two years the blog has kept a naughty and nice list on the war on Christmas. (In a war, isn’t everyone just, um, naughty?). We wonder if they are coming back for Christmas 2007 since they declared the war lost last year.

For some, it’s not enough to fight Christmas before Christmas. Here is the battle cry for carrying on anti-Christmas rants after Christmas. After all, they reason for as early as stores throw up Christmas decor and product the anti-Christmas forces should spew their bah humbuggery for as many days after Christmas. (We’ll see how militant they get while nursing those hangovers celebrating “the holidays”).

We laughed when we found this post about Unleashing the Yuletide Blogs of War, a liberal rant about the right-leaning blogs warming up for the annual Christmas debates (and some very not-nice-commentary about, surprise, Fox News).

Here’s a declaration of war dating back to the hot and sultry days of July by a militant sounding blog called Atheist Revolution (hide the kids). It’s telling the dated story of the fight over a public nativity display in Berkley. What’s hilarious to me is that the writer obviously implies this is happening in weirdo capitol of the world, Berkeley — California. Guess Michigan isn’t extreme enough to reveal for a blog claiming to be “breaking free from irrational belief and opposing Christian extremism in America”.

Finally, there’s this merry little defense of Christmas — a tiny blog that just seems to say “hey!” at every anti-Christmas headline.

For as much fun as we’re poking at the War on Christmas blogs we have to remind ourselves that this site is essentially a blog too. What sets us apart though is that we don’t do Christmas just from October to December. We’re doing Christmas year round on 30+ websites all year long.

The War on Christmas is a silly debate. We laugh at all sides. And that is because Christmas has been controversial from the beginning. It is a very, very old debate and, yes, religion has everything to do with. Choice has everything to do with it. Dissent has everything to do with it. And love has everything to do with it.

You’d think somewhere in all that would be something we can all agree on. Sadly the common thread only seems to be disagreement itself — the war rages on.


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