Battle of New Jersey Signs Re-ignites

The Blaze is reporting tonight that the Freedom from Religion Foundation has answered a New Jersey town’s “Keep Christ in Christmas” banner with one of their own proclaiming “Keep Saturn in Saturnalia”.

We reported on this issue last year when the FFRF was fighting the banner then. They lost last year and this year decided to counter. If you can’t beat them, join them.

The FFRF outlines their fight against this banner on their website.

The press release claims that the FFRF is “the nation’s largest association of atheists and agnostics”, which is odd considering the feeling of most atheists against “organized” religion. Most atheists bristle as atheism being called a religion just because they claim there is no God. But even non-belief is belief. While it is their right to proselyte for new converts it is wrong to suggest that their beliefs, regardless of what they might be, should be upheld more by the government just because they claim offense at Christmas and other Christian-related themes.

Their latest tactic, along with that of American Atheists, Inc., is to claim Christmas was spurred from pagan winter solstice celebrations that pre-date Christ.

The problem is that most pagan celebrations of winter solstice were god-centered. It seems odd that atheists — or groups claiming to represent atheists — would embrace a god-driven holiday in order to attract new converts.

Saturn was a god. There is no denying that. So why would an atheist group embrace that god?

Some suggest the sign is meant to be sarcastic, that it doesn’t suggest the FFRF’s actual belief in Saturn.

So why then do this? Why not post positive messaging that clearly delineates what atheists believe rather than mocking the beliefs of others?

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