Backlash Growing Over Thanksgiving Retailers

Macy’s announced a change in tradition by declaring their 800 stores will open on Thanksgiving Day. JCPenney quickly followed suit. These announcements have given rise to open revolts online by employees and shoppers who would rather keep Thanksgiving a day where stores are closed.

Nearly 7,000 people have signed on to a Facebook page declaring opposition to Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving Day.

Similar efforts were launched last year and some employees threatened to strike retailers who scheduled them to work the holiday. The effort fizzled and stores enjoyed record sales on Thanksgiving Day 2012, which was very heavily promoted.

While some contend the department stores such as Macy’s are merely squeezing an extra day out of a short holiday selling season (Thanksgiving falls on November 28th this year) others say they are merely following discounters such as Walmart and Kmart who have pushed the trend of Thanksgiving operations in recent years.

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