Sweden Bans SOME Christmas Lights

Sweden Bans SOME Christmas Lights

An early season debate on Christmas lights in Sweden has led to significant misunderstanding in that country. The government there recently announced a ban on Christmas lights that are traditionally hung from street light poles.

Some right-wing media outlets (Infowars and Breitbart) took the story and ran with it, claiming the country was trying to appease Muslim immigrants with the move.

The truth turns out to be something less spectacular. Christmas lights will be banned from utility poles only this year. Lights will still be permissible — and given Sweden’s love of Christmas — still visible everywhere else.

The problem has more to do with an aging infrastructure and the question of who pays for electrical costs than what the lights are actually for. This situation has been building for years and the government is merely stopping a practice that should have been brought under control long ago for safety and cost reasons.

There is some debate within Sweden that the restrictions are a bit too much. But those arguments in debate have more to do with the potential impact more darkened streets will have on commerce than they will have anything to do with Christmas or Muslims.

Sweden, like many other countries in Europe, has problems like any other country. But a love of Christmas isn’t really one of them.

Texas County Votes Against Atheist Christmas Display

Texas County Votes Against Atheist Christmas Display

A county in Texas denied a petition from an atheist group who wanted to place their own banner next to a Nativity scene at the county courthouse there at Christmas.

The banner was displayed in the courtroom before discussion started.

It read, from top to bottom, the Facebook symbol, then “/KerrvilleFreeThought, Happy Winter Solstice, At this season of the Winter Solstice, we celebrate the Birth of the Unconquered Sun – the TRUE reason for the season. As Americans, let us also honor the birth of our Bill of Rights, which reminds us there can be no freedom OF religion, without freedom FROM religion in government. Freedom From Religion Foundation, FFRF.org.

Pastor Greg Young of Kerrville asked to speak at the start of the regular meeting as he had a live radio show to broadcast at 11 a.m. and commissioners agreed.

Young said FFRF “preys upon small communities like Kerrville” saying the organization’s founder “has absolute disdain for Christianity.” He told a story to say allowing this one request would lead to multiple unwanted actions in the future, eventually pushing out current beliefs and values.

About 200 people were in the district courtroom, standing room only, by 11:20 a.m. when commissioners moved upstairs. Pollard had about a dozen speaker forms, offered one more chance for those, warned he expected order in the room, then called on Whitsett.

In case attendees hadn’t seen the photo of this banner in the agenda packet, Pollard helped Whitsett unroll and display it; and again said Whitsett asked to display the banner, and didn’t ask to block the Nativity scene.

Whitsett said, “I ask only that this banner be put up, and I would rather the other Manger Scene be put up, too. I think Christmas is a fine time to celebrate our Bill of Rights which was ratified near that season,” adding the FFRF Facebook page invites atheists and agnostics to take part in discussions. “We only want equal treatment,” Whitsett said.

The audience was mostly quiet, with a few audible “Amens” and supporting short comments. Every speaker opposed Whitsett’s request, and was applauded by the crowd.

Pam Wood called FFRF perhaps new to Kerrville but known elsewhere as an anti-religion group. She cited a definition of “free thinkers” by that group, saying they specifically mention Christians and Jews, making their argument for freedom from religion “disingenuous.” “They want a refusal because it suits their beliefs and allows them to go to court.”

Kenny Bledsoe said he’s a church-goer, and if this banner was allowed, it would be a foot in the door to Christianity in general for the FFRF. “They have the right to worship as they please, but I am opposed to putting this banner anywhere in Kerr County.”

Pastor Del Way of Calvary Temple Church said, “The problem is, they claim freedom from religion, but they want to do it on our holiday. I oppose this, especially on the courthouse square. We believe they are trying to take over our religion.” Way said he had more than 1,000 signatures on petitions from his church, and told Whitsett, “Leave us alone. Get your own holiday.”

John Hammack said America has been a nation under God since Columbus arrived; and asked commissioners “not to let some pagan atheist take Christ out of Christmas,” historically set Dec. 25.
Patricia Carson declared her faith in Jesus, and said it’s His birthday that’s celebrated. “If these other people want a special day, they need to get another special day.”

Starting with Buster Baldwin, commissioners said they are representative of citizens in their precincts, and hired to take care of citizens’ business. “That’s why there’s a ‘no’ vote from me,” Baldwin said.

One by one, Tom Moser, Judge Tom Pollard, Jonathan Letz and Bob Reeves said they agreed. Moser suggested the actual winter solstice Dec. 21 might be a better date, and protests from the audience were quickly quieted. Commissioners voted 5-0 to deny Whitsell’s request.

Firefighters Punished for Merry Christmas Billboard

Firefighters Punished for Merry Christmas Billboard

A fire fighting crew from Ohio has received disciplinary action against them for chipping in money to pay for a billboard wishing their community a Merry Christmas.

Seventeen firefighters belonging to one shift, known as Crew 3 or Super Crew 3, have received punishments ranging from reprimands for the firefighters and suspensions and probationary periods for three lieutenants and a captain. In addition, a retired captain has been barred from all fire stations in Lancaster.

The billboard was paid for by the firefighters, who decided that they would show “crew pride” instead of exchanging gifts. The billboard was in place from November 30 to December 15 when it was ordered removed. A city attorney determined it presented a civil liability because the “Merry Christmas” message expressed religious favoritism. Those involved are also in trouble for failing to get permission to take the picture at a Lancaster firehouse while they were on duty.

Once again, the arbitrary decision of one (the city attorney) determines the fate of many proving once again that no good deed goes unpunished.

Media Claims Thanksgiving Closings Fights Christmas Creep

Media Claims Thanksgiving Closings Fights Christmas Creep

The trend of Christmas shopping 2016 is for malls to stay closed on Thanksgiving Day. The media declares this development a fight against Christmas creep.

Having a hard time putting your head around that? Yeah, us too.

Television KSDK in St. Louis is claiming in a new report that a local mall is giving up its Thanksgiving business in order to give mall employees a chance to stay home for the traditional family holiday. This, they claim, is the mall’s way of fighting back against Christmas creep.

Let’s give KSDK a little lesson. We’ll bet them any amount of money that all four of the local malls own by CBL Properties in St. Louis put their Christmas decorations up the first week of November.

You see, they don’t give a rat’s ass about Christmas creep. (And the public doesn’t either).

CBL is closing their malls on Thanksgiving Day for one reason and one reason only: money. Oh, and news reporters. They can’t have news reporters showing empty malls on Thanksgiving Day. And that’s exactly what they reported last year when malls DID open on Thanksgiving Day. Yes, shoppers did shop some last Thanksgiving. Just not at a mall.

They went to Kmart, Walmart and Macy’s, the big retailers really driving the shop-on-Thanksgiving trends.

Sorry, KSDK. The malls are no heroes. If they want to be, let’s see them give employees the same days off but just for the whole weekend.

Oh, never going to happen? Right. This is about money. And nothing more.

Fighting “Christmas Creep” is kind of like going to war against fog. It can be done….but who cares? You see, Christmas creep is a myth. A total myth. It doesn’t exist and there aren’t enough dumb television stations in the world to convince us other wise.

Fox13 in Tampa Declares Christmas Creep Season

Fox13 in Tampa Declares Christmas Creep Season

Even with a major hurricane bearing down on them Fox13 in Tampa is reporting the early presence of Christmas in stores as “a thing”. Forget the fact we’ve shown over and over that Christmas creep isn’t new or even bothersome. They insist “Christmas is creeping into stores earlier than ever” and that it is a “sign of the times”.

Clearly, this is yet another media agenda driven attempt to re-write history and create something out of nothing.

They cite a Credit Card.com “survey” that says three fourths of respondents object to early Christmas in stores. The survey was done with just 1000 people and they claim it was “scientific”. That same scientific survey also reported that more than 34 million shoppers had completed their Christmas shopping already.

Wow. That’s a lot of really upset people spending against their will.

None of these are real numbers. In fact, these numbers are suspiciously similar to the numbers they reported last year. (Fox13 wouldn’t know that because they did ZERO research on this non-story).

If Christmas creep is really a “thing” then why do retailers bother putting out product that supposedly doesn’t sell?

And where’s the “outrage” when we see lawn mowers in January or swim suits in April? Halloween stores have been open for two months yet there’s nary a word about Halloween creep.

The problem with media outlets like Fox13 in Tampa is that they are lazy. They don’t bother to research before they report “a story”. Christmas trees in Costco in October is NOT a story.

This is, by the way, why people still insist there is a “war on Christmas”. Pointless stories that paint Christmas as some kind of demon really do have a point — and even a media entity such as Fox13 Tampa which makes their money from advertisers at Christmas time are part of the problem.

Veteran Hospitals May Allow Christmas Carols and Trees

Veteran Hospitals May Allow Christmas Carols and Trees

Christmas in veteran hospitals has been an issue for a couple of years now. From Georgia to Arizona VA hospitals have been in the news for banning Christmas carols performed by visiting high school choirs and in some cases for refusing the use of a Christmas tree in the facility because they viewed it as a religious symbol. Now the VA is working in advance of the holidays to skip the controversy this year by outlining the rules for Christmas in VA hospitals.

The new rules allow for Christmas in designated areas and local VA officials are instructed to remain neutral regarding what is presented there.

“No one should try to water down Christmas for our veterans just because they object to any religious references or items. I am most grateful that the VA has clarified their policy prior to the upcoming holidays,” Chaplain Ron Crews, a retired Army Reserve colonel, said Sept. 21.

“This should make clear that churches may sing Christmas carols and distribute Christmas cards at VA hospitals,” Chaplain Crews continued. “The guidelines state that hospital administrators may allow this and provide reasonable guidance as to where displays may be set up and where and how long a church choir may sing.”

At play here, once again, is a misguided interpretation of the Establishment Clause of the Constitution, which forbids a state sponsored religion. Past local officials viewed any type of Christmas singing, displays or decorations as a violation of that clause.

Of course, it is a gross exaggeration. No way does a Christmas tree establish a religion. And no way does the VA represent Congress nor the ability to pass a law “establishing” a religion.

The VA incidents are nothing more than yet another assault on Religious Freedom. The goal of progressives is to write religion completely out of the public dialogue by banning it altogether. By extension, they “establish” a “state religion” of atheism.

Of course, there will be those who call that an extreme view. But forcing belief is forcing belief — even when they DON’T use a tree to do it.

The struggle continues.

Federal Court Rules in Favor of High School Nativity Scene

Federal Court Rules in Favor of High School Nativity Scene

One of the biggest skirmishes in the 2015 War on Christmas has taken an unexpected turn as a federal court ruled in favor of an Indiana high school’s inclusion of a static Nativity scene in their annual Christmas concert.

Both the ACLU and the Freedom from Religion Foundation brought the suit against the school when they say they were contacted by a local resident who complained about it. The annual production has been a tradition in the community of Elkhart, Indiana for years without complaint.

As the suit was brought forward officials at Concord High School scrambled to make what they felt should have been acceptable changes by adding Hanukkah and Kwanzaa songs and changing the controversial Nativity scene from a live production to static images. But the FFRF in particular balked noting that the Nativity scene and depiction of Jesus Christ were “…coercive, representing an endorsement of religion by the high school and the school corporation, having no secular purpose and has the principal purpose and effect of advancing religion.”

The court ruled that the changes to the production of the Nativity scene did not in fact constitute a violation of the Constitution’s establishment clause.

This debate seems silly to almost anyone who has even read the Constitution. The so-called “Establishment Clause” forbids Congress from establishing a state religion. A high school is not Congress and showing a Nativity scene does not establish anything.

But America has fallen into a trap of political correctness when it comes to cases like these. Because a school is a government run operation the assumption is that if a school depicts or participates in anything religious it is a violation of the Establishment Clause.

The FFRF has threatened schools and school districts nationwide for several years now working to get not only Nativity scenes but even the most remotely religious Christmas carols of antiquity banned from public schools. In most cases, school districts have opted to comply rather than to fight costly lawsuits.

The case is ongoing and the local school district is still facing possible fines for Nativity scenes depicted in previous productions dating back nearly five decades.

UK Government Report Says British Christmas Under Attack

UK Government Report Says British Christmas Under Attack

After a year long study a government review reports that British traditions of Christmas are at risk due to growing political correctness.

The report cites the growing influx of immigrants and refugees as causing local officials to overcompensate by doing things like changing the name of a Christmas tree to a “festive tree”.

The study was headed by Dame Louise Casey, the government’s integration tsar. She said a white manager invoked the change in the name of the tree to avoid offending Asian and Muslim citizens.

“What offence did he think he was causing? What did we ever think would be offensive about celebrating Christmas with a tree?” Dame Louise said.

The report also says waves of immigration have dramatically changed the character of some state schools and left Brits feeling unsettled.

Casey blasted local councils for “over worrying” about causing offence. She said that only by promoting “core” British laws, traditions and cultures in every ethnic community can Britain hope to integrate fully and defeat the “hate-mongers” from the far-Right and Islamist extremists who want to divide the country.

The report notes that these sensitivities swing further into dangerous territory than just Christmas trees. In one case officials in Rotherham turned a blind eye to sexual exploitation of children by men of Pakistani background.

“The council and police were in denial about what was happening in their town,” she said. “That was a tragic failure on so many levels, not least for the victims who weren’t heard or whose abuse could have been prevented.”

As we’ve been observing all year the UK is now the leading front in the so-called War on Christmas.

Media Claims UK Shoppers Angry Over Christmas in Shops

Media Claims UK Shoppers Angry Over Christmas in Shops

Christmas shoppers in Plymouth, England are evidently fed up with Christmas. A merchant there dared to put out Christmas cards for sale the first week of September and according to UK media shoppers are appalled and angry.

Mrs Ivey, who was visiting Plymouth to do some shopping, added: “It’s absolutely daft. I leave my Christmas shopping as late as I possibly can. “I think it’s a great shame that shops are already selling Christmas items because by the time Christmas comes, you are so fed up with it.

The article is one in a series that have popped up over the past several months attacking Christmas in the UK — a somewhat new phenomenon. But the anti-Christmas sentiment seems to be picking up steam in England these days. Last month a politician spoke of banning Coke trucks at Christmas because they are making UK children fat and when a department store opened their Christmas shop on August 1st — something they have traditionally done for years — the media cried foul.

What’s happening in the UK is the same thing that has happened for well over a decade in America — the media is trying to spur outrage where there is none. Free market forces determine the right and wrong in these issues: if items don’t sell merchants just won’t stock them.

The UK is famously Christmas crazy. Though time schedules in the UK vary slightly from that of the US they have for decades started earlier and celebrate Christmas longer than their American cousins. For years Brits have prided themselves on a lack of a “War on Christmas” in the Uk.

Those days appear to be over.

Trump Brings Chaos to the War on Christmas

Trump Brings Chaos to the War on Christmas

Can we put politics aside for one minute during this election year and just talk about how good Donald Trump has been for the War on Christmas?

You see, the war on Christmas has been dead for a few years. Oh, we’ve had the occasional snarky atheist billboard and you can’t put anything Christmas on a Texas courthouse lawn anymore.

But eight years of the Obamas singing Christmas carols on the White House lawn has pretty much made a mockery of what the War on Christmas used to be.

Now Donald Trump is here and the War on Christmas has new life. The Donald says the war is not over and whether that’s an alternative reality or not doesn’t matter. We’re just glad to see it is back with such…style.

In the months that have passed with Trump canvassing America to get the Republican nomination he has mentioned Christmas several times. He’s talked about how Macy’s won’t use the word Christmas in their stores or advertisements (they do). He’s talked how “my Jews” used to say “Merry Christmas” (by all accounts, they still do). And today, his son Eric claims Donald Trump is running for president because “he sees the tree on the White House lawn has been renamed ‘Holiday tree’ instead of ‘Christmas tree”.

Um…Eric…buddy…that big tree on the White House lawn is called the National Christmas Tree. Of course, the trees inside the White House — and there are several — are called “holiday trees” by the Obama administration and have been the whole time. So you got part of it right.

Let’s hope that the Trumps don’t realize that the word “holiday” is not a dirty word. Oh, we’re all for Christmas and use it ourselves all the time. Make no mistake. Christmas is the only word we need. But let’s not disparage the word “holiday”. After all, it means “holy day”. Someone needs to shoot a memo to Donald about this.

If Trump wins the White House he’s going to say “Christmas” almost as much as he says “China”. When he lights the National Christmas Tree it’s going to be HUGE. Heck, he will probably even sing.

Saturday Night Live couldn’t do more for the War on Christmas than Trump is right now.

And we, for one, are glad. It was boring. Now the War on Christmas is back and better than ever.

Ugly Australian Christmas Tree Rejected Again

Ugly Australian Christmas Tree Rejected Again

The Australian city of Hobart — a state capitol city — had a reputation for the worst Christmas decorations in Australia. Australia is big on Christmas — so this was not a good image for the city.

So last year they sponsored the creation of a new city Christmas tree — and it was quickly dubbed by the public as the ugliest tree ever, becoming a joke on social media and an international embarrassment to the city.

The tree was of modern art design and had zero traditional elements to it. No pine boughs, no baubles, and no star or angel at the top. It was merely a twisted frame of metal designed to allow the public to walk inside the tree and look up at the sky through it. To many who walked past the tree the thing did little to suggest it was a Christmas tree at all. As the city publicized the lighting of the tree and sent pictures to the media cries of “Where’s the tree?” were not taken seriously.

Hobart, it seemed, didn’t even have the Charlie Browniest of Christmas trees. It was much, much worse.

So during this off-season the city council in Hobart has taken up the issue and the debate centered on whether or not the tree could be saved and improved upon.

After all, $35,000 had been spent and there was some face saving that needed to be done.

So the Lord Mayor consulted some experts and presented another plan. She was laughed and ridiculed out of the chamber after proposing changes that would cost nearly double the original expense of the tree. Her answer seemed to be filling the center of the tree with a brass dome and dressing the tree skeleton with traditional Christmas elements at Christmas time.

There was hope that someone in Hobart had some love for the tree. “It’s dearly loved by the traders of Salamanca and they want to hold onto the tree, they want to keep it all-year round as an architectural piece and then kept as a Christmas tree at Christmas time,” said one Alderman.

But the tree is simply too hated to be saved.

Alderman Marti Zucco, who dubbed the first design akin to a tomato trestle, said he was surprised the plan even came to council for consideration. “It was overwhelmingly rejected practically all over the world,” he said. “To then try and spend another $50,000 to put a brass dome in the center of it is absolutely ludicrous. I’m baffled as to who actually allowed the report to get to council in the first place – I’m concerned council officers spent time and effort doing this. “It reflects the capital city, and to have a structure that looks like a tomato structure and sell it as a Christmas tree is beyond belief – and to spend another $50,000 sprucing it up is beyond comprehension.”

What will become of Hobart’s tree? Recyclers are apparently standing by.

The Burqa Called Santa’s Beard

The Burqa Called Santa’s Beard

Headlines today in Germany are touting a debate between right and left wingers about the Islamic burqa — right wingers are proposing a ban on the religious garment, just as they have done in France. Left wingers are warning that is an infringement on religious freedom — and doing that could put in jeopardy other religiously themed clothing that covers faces, such as Santa’s beard.

There are two very important parts to this story that should give Americans pause.

First, in Germany Santa Claus is known as Father Christmas or “Weihnachtsmann” (Christmas man). He is not a secular figure there…he is a religious figure, as he is for many other parts of Europe.

The American Santa is decidedly secular and the Supreme Court has said so. But there is no denying his sacred roots. Many other symbols of Christmas likewise are labeled secular but are clearly religious in origin. Many Americans do not know or do not acknowledge this.

Second, religious freedom is at the very heart of the War on Christmas. The pundits, as we have said many times, hype it as a “War on Christmas” when really it is a fight against what some hold sacred in the public space. It is a fight against free speech. It is a fight against freedom of religion.

This debate in Germany is very political and may or may not endure. But once again it highlights the slippery slope we are on when it comes to the public expression of private faith — AND the celebration of Christmas.

You should worry about it. Someday your plastic Santa that lights up could be considered illegal under some law meant to suppress religious expression. It’s moving very clearly in that direction.

Mystified Media Struggles to Explain Christmas in Stores in August

Mystified Media Struggles to Explain Christmas in Stores in August

Despite the fact there is an historic, ugly election going on plus the Olympics, a huge refugee problem, a devastating war in Syria, the winning Chicago Cubs, another major earthquake followed by an epic typhoon in Japan, sagging oil prices, and the impending death of Obamacare going on the media is asking this burning question: why are there Christmas decorations in stores in August?

It’s time, folks, for the mythical season of “Christmas creep”. That’s the mysterious, so-called season of disbelief that retailers would — gasp! — stock Christmas items when it isn’t Christmas. Forget the fact this has been going on for over a century. Forget as well that shoppers really don’t mind it, as the media told us last year. It’s a mystery, doggone it — a travesty. A sick sign of society’s decline. Something must be done!!!!

In Cleveland the media is just baffled. But they have taken a cerebral approach to merchants and they just ask WHY? Their answer: “Um, we gotta put it somewhere“.

In Chicago they seem perplexed when the National Retail Federation of Sicko Shoppers and Crazy Christmas Extremists explains that 40% of shoppers want to buy this stuff before Halloween.

And in Utah — of all places — they publish the first truly epic Millennial whine about Christmas altogether. Really, this is an editorial to behold. You have to read it. Wrong not only is Christmas in stores but also the fact that we don’t call Jesus Yeshua, is, for whatever reason, a crime against humanity.

Get ready for three solid months of this from the media. They are only getting warmed up.

The first reminders about Christmas layaway will hit TV screens just after Labor Day and that really unleashes the whining about Christmas out-there-before-December-23rd. Even in an election year when the advertising of all things takes a seriously twisted turn we’re going to hear nothing but moans from an industry — the media — about Christmas.

Forget that Christmas pays their salary. Forget that people love it. The media just loves to attack it.

Politician Wants to Ban Coke Truck for Making Kids Fat

Politician Wants to Ban Coke Truck for Making Kids Fat

A UK politician wants to end Britain’s tradition of roaming illuminated Coca Cola trucks because sugary drinks are contributing to childhood obesity. His remarks have caused a media frenzy in Europe.

Started in 1995, the tradition in the UK is for lighted Coca Cola trucks to travel from one shopping center to another. The simple but festive tradition draws millions of fans annually and has become a signature British tradition of Christmas.

“At each stop, family and friends will have the chance to take pictures with the truck as it lights up, and experience a snowy winter wonderland setting while enjoying a choice of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero or Coke Life,” a press release from the company read prior to last year’s tour. The twinkling truck fleet was conceived in 1995, after one appeared on television in a wildly successful seasonal advertising campaign.

This week, Councillor Richard Kemp, who heads the Liberal Democrats on Liverpool City Council, said that he was “appalled” by last year’s Coca Cola promotion and called for shopping mall owners to ban the trucks on the same day that the government unveiled a new “Childhood Obesity Strategy.”

“There is one thing on which everyone agrees.” Kemp said. “Too many children are drinking too many fizzy, sugary drinks. That is why last year in the run-up to Christmas, I was appalled to see a big promotion by Coca-Cola when its red van visited Liverpool as part of its advertising campaign tour around the country.”

“To my mind this glorifies the sale of something which is often consumed in vast quantities with people having little knowledge of just how dangerous the sugar content can be to the long-term health of them and their children.”

When asked if he had ever heard of Burgermeister Meisterburger Kemp turned red and said, “No.”

Cries of Christmas Creep in UK Ring Hollow

Cries of Christmas Creep in UK Ring Hollow

On the first of August a London department store opened their Christmas shop. That’s not news. They have been doing that for years. What is news is that the media in England — the very birthplace of Dickens and the modern Christmas — is now creating a campaign against Christmas and generating polls that “show” your every day British citizen is against Christmas in August.

A survey conducted by shop4pop.com — a UK printing establishment whose very lifeblood comes from Christmas advertising — is cited in local British media as surveying that only “Most (38.7 per cent) said that one month in advance was an acceptable time for retailers to start their seasonal advertising. A similar 34.7 per cent though that between one and two months was enough.”

But…here’s the media kicker —

Worryingly, a fanatical festive few believed that Christmas ads should start in the middle of summer, with 7.2 per cent saying they’d be happy to see them more than five months in advance.

What makes this unbelievable is that England is the country where Christmas advertising is as big as Hollywood movies. The world there literally stops the first week of November as annual commercials by department stores are unveiled with movie-like debuts and instantly go viral on social media. These are not your run of the mill Christmas advertisements to be compared with anything in the United States — these have to be seen to be believed.

Don’t believe us? Check out this ad from 2015 on Youtube. The video has more than 26 million views. And it is a commercial.

Other commercial aspects of Christmas are as anticipated and traditional in England too. Coca Cola has roving lighted trucks that roam the countryside going from town to town in England to big crowds and huge fanfare as fans cheer them from the street. This isn’t just selling a beverage — to the Brits it is a celebration of Christmas.

The British are famously Christmas crazy. They have — even more than the United States — started it earlier and celebrated it heartily for centuries.

It’s not like they are going to turn it off over night.

Public opinions in the UK have never cried of Christmas creep before. Never.

In other words, much like the campaign against Christmas in the United States, this new claim in England is purely a media agenda.

But watch it go now.

The war on Christmas might be late to the party in the UK but it’s there now. And it is only getting started.