Aussie Christmas Fans Upset Over VirginMobile’s Grumpy Santa

We’ve been tipped off by Christmas fans in Australia of a new ad campaign by Virgin Mobile that features a grumpy, swearing Santa.

“Advertisers here are becoming more like their American counterparts every day!” one fan writes in an email. “Why do they have to show Father Christmas this way? It is not funny.”

In the ad — which touts a $100 Virgin Mobile gift card — Santa is seen lounging by the pool when he is interrupted by an elf who reminds him that he needs to send the cards as gifts for Christmas in July.

The commercial shows a very irritated Santa who tells the elves, “Pack my sack, the f*cking holiday is over”, and the elves cheer in celebration as he walks off grumbling.

The ad comes during a time when advertisers are under fire for depicting Santa Claus in a less than flattering light.

This commercial would most certainly be guilty of that:

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