Atheists Gear Up for Annual Anti-God Christmas Campaign

There are many sides in the War on Christmas but none more curious than atheists who choose a season of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ as their time to seek converts. It began this week in Washington DC with the bus-stop ads of the United Coalition of Reason, a grass-roots organization of local chapters of organized atheists.

They claim their bus stop ads actually have nothing to do with Christmas, just that they coincide with large gatherings of groups they feel who would be responsive to their message in Washington.

When asked by the Washington Post, however, the American Humanist Association — who did sponsor the rolling bus ads that garnered nation-wide attention last year — did say to mark November 9th down on the calendar as the date of their big announcement this year.

Between organized atheism, the ACLU, and the usual suspects in public schools and courts 2010 promises to be another active Christmas season in the ongoing War on Christmas. No word yet on FoxNews plans for book releases, rallies or specials dedicated to the War on Christmas but, like fruitcake, mistletoe and Santa Claus, we expect them to show up any day now too.

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