Atheist Convert to Christianity Claims Atheism Again

It was an inspirational tale — especially for Christians who felt that Patrick Greene, an atheist from East Texas, had finally seen the light. But now, just weeks after announcing that he had converted to Christianity, the secular activist is, once again, a non-believer.

Greene was one of the backers of an atheist organization that famously threatened to sue over a nativity displayed in Athens, Texas.

Despite his actions against the religious symbol, local Christians came together to raise funds for him and his wife to purchase groceries after they learned of an illness he had been stricken with. Greene was so moved by the gesture that he converted to Christianity.

While the story made its rounds as an inspirational tale that showcases the power of kindness and giving, Greene’s transformation was short-lived. Last month, the activist e-mailed the media to proclaim that he is no longer a Christian and that he has returned to his atheistic roots.

“I thought you‘d interested in knowing that my ’conversion’ was temporary. It lasted less than a week,” he wrote. “I came to realize, after reading just the first half of the first chapter of Genesis, that I didn’t believe a word of it. I felt like I was insulting my own intellect.”

“I got all caught up in the excitement,” Greene, a retired cab driver who lives in East Texas since 2005, told San Antonio Express-News.

In an apparent attempt to play a victim, the 63-year-old resident of San Antonio said, “It’s easy to do when you get ostracized and treated like garbage. When you’re an atheist, you’re public enemy No. 1.”

Having gone back to atheism, Greene is opposing Christians once again. He fought against Mayor Julián Castro’s participation in the National Day of Prayer event on City Hall. In a lawsuit, he argued that the event was organized by evangelical Christians, was sectarian and therefore unconstitutional for a mayor to engage in.

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