Arizona Town Debates Using the Word Christmas

The Queen Creek (Arizona) Town Council is scheduled to vote on a recommendation to rename its annual tree lighting ceremony the “Queen Creek Hometown Christmas” today, putting to rest last year’s controversy over whether to call the centerpiece of the event a “Holiday Tree” or a “Christmas Tree.”

Jeff Brown, a Town Council member and member of the recreation advisory board holiday festivities subcommittee, which made the recommendation, said he pushed for a name that incorporated both Christmas and a hometown feeling.

“As a young and growing community, I really was trying to get to that point where we’re welcoming all these families into our fold,” Brown said. “Hometown to me says small town. It says family.”

But even though more than 60 e-mails were sent in last year criticizing the name, not a single person has commented on the potential name change so far.

That lack of input surprised Brown, although town spokeswoman Dee Anne Thomas pointed out it is a little early for most people to think about Christmas. “Christmas keeps getting a little earlier every year,” she joked.

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