Annual Friend or Foe of Christmas Campaign Launched

Liberty Counsel has launched its seventh annual “Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign,” pledging to be a “Friend” to those who recognize Christmas and a “Foe” to those who censor it. In Amelia Ohio, town officials caused an uproar when they attempted to change the name of a “Christmas parade” into a “holiday parade.” In response, the city council decided to cancel the parade after one person questioned whether the city could be sued for celebrating Christmas. Liberty Counsel has offered legal assistance to city officials.

Last year, Liberty Counsel defended an employee who was fired because she wanted to greet people with “Merry Christmas.” Liberty Counsel filed suit and the employer agreed to settle the case by paying damages to the fired employee. Liberty Counsel has handled numerous situations involving Christmas. Liberty Counsel has worked on cases involving nativity scenes on public property, senior living centers that banned elderly residents from singing Christmas carols, a Massachusetts school which banned students from wearing red and green because they are Christmas colors, school officials who censored religious words from Christmas carols, and companies which renamed Christmas trees “holiday trees.”

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