American Family Association Doesn’t Want You to Shop at Christmas-less Gap

The American Family Association — a name as familiar in the War on the War on Christmas as the Freedom from Religion Foundation — really doesn’t want you to shop at The Gap or any of the stores associated with them (Banana Republic, Old Navy, etc).

Their crime? Shunning the word “Christmas”.

Sure enough, a quick look at websites and ads by these stores reveals a liberal use of the word “holiday” and a seeming drought for the word “Christmas”. It is almost like they purposely have scrub all reference to Christmas from everything associated with them. For this the AFA doesn’t want you buying any of your Christmas presents from The Gap.

The boycott does not appear to be affecting things much at The Gap. They recently announced encouraging results for the 3rd Quarter. And while exact Black Friday results have not yet been shared all faces are smiling at Gap offices in San Francisco (offices that are not, by the way, decorated for Christmas).

So what does this all mean? Does it mean the Gap can lower their expectations for the 4th quarter because their “holiday” sales will lag because of a boycott? Or does it mean the American Family Association is becoming less and less relevant as a focus on Christmas?

The American Family Association is one of the regular agitators in the so-called War on Christmas. Give them a media microphone or a television news camera and they will expound on the War on Christmas like it is a Hamas rocket shower on Israel. They will stir the hearts of Christmas purists while at the same time profiting from their passion by selling them yard signs, bumper stickers and t-shirts that say “It’s OK to say Merry Christmas”.

We are bigger believers in letting the market-place decide. Christmas is not what the AFA or The Gap defines it. It is what the Christmas celebrant defines it. If the Gap is not Christmasy enough for the average Christmas shopper, guess what? They won’t go there. But as long as the AFA continues to promote themselves from one position of extreme they will continue to make everything else good that they stand for seem a bit more ridiculous.

America has bigger problems to solve beyond a contrived war on Christmas.

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