American Family Association Christmas Merchandise Mocked Online

The American Family Association has long advocated for Christmas in public. We have chronicled their attempts over the years to fight for Christmas in school and public places. Their annual campaign to promote saying “Merry Christmas” versus “Happy Holidays” has become as traditional as anything else associated with the contemporary Christmas.

But we have had to cringe over the years at the bold faced marketing of supporting the Christmas effort. From buttons promoting the phrase “Merry Christmas” to signs depicting Christ in less than sacred ways it seems at times the AFA is more intent on making a profit on their Christmas wares than solidifying the message of Christmas.

Proof of this lies in recent media attention mocking an AFA product that appears to some folks to have a double meaning.

While we do not appreciate those who mock such sentiments we REALLY don’t appreciate the ongoing marketing of the Christmas message by the AFA.

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