AFA Wins; Calls Off Boycott of Dick’s Sporting Goods

“Christmas” will dominate ads from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Gone is the nasty word “Holiday”. Let the party begin.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has told AFA that “Christmas” will become a huge part of their advertising beginning November 28.

According to Vice-Chairman Bill Columbo, in a phone conference with AFA today, “We have made significant changes from past years, when ‘holiday’ was the dominant theme of our advertising.” Mr. Columbo told AFA that these changes were already in the works prior to AFA’s boycott announcement. He apologized for not returning AFA’s phone calls and letters earlier to convey this message.

Dick’s issued a statement to AFA and its pro-Christmas supporters, outlining their plans to incorporate “Christmas” in their advertising:

– Beginning November 28, Sunday newspaper inserts will read “Christmas 2010.” It will continue each Sunday through Christmas.

– Dick’s website will display the Christmas message prior to the first insert (next week) in time for Thanksgiving day.

– Television commercials running after November 28th will also refer to Christmas season.

As a result of Dick’s response, AFA is cancelling the boycott.

It is amazing to see the culture change that is occurring inside corporate board rooms. All across America, companies are coming to realize they should include Christ and Christmas in their advertising

Now that the American Family Association has won this battle, it can focus on these retailers who STILL refuse to use the word Christmas in their marketing campaigns this holiday…er, Christmas…season:

Barnes & Noble
CVS Pharmacy
Office Depot
Radio Shack
Victoria’s Secret

2 thoughts on “AFA Wins; Calls Off Boycott of Dick’s Sporting Goods

  • November 26, 2010 at 4:50 pm

    I say Happy Holidays because, as hard it is for self centered christians to admit, yours isn’t the only holiday in the season. At my retail job, It is NONE OF MY DAMN BUSINESS what your religion is, why you are shopping, who you are purchasing for, and what you intend to do with your HOLIDAYS. In the U.S. the MAIN Holiday during the Season is christmas, but plenty of christians also celebrate Thanksgiving, and New Years. Me saying Happy Holidays is a nod to those other Holidays people like to celebrate as well. So If we can move back to a reality where everything doesn’t have to be about the poor christians who represent the MAJORITY of the population being oppressed by the MINORITY ( I know it makes no sense , yet you whine like we are hanging you all from a cross with our glib “Happy Holidays”) We can stop having every holiday turned into a politcal event for you right wingers.

  • November 26, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    Wow, you’re sure quick to throw around labels there, FC. That being said, I guess it would be fair to say you’re likely a 20-something college student with an axe to grind about a lot of things.

    One of things I hope you take in school is economics. That is really what this argument is all about.

    Christmas is what pays your salary, FC. Like it or not, no matter what time of the year you work if it weren’t for CHRISTMAS your dear employer likely wouldn’t be in business. And that is just a fact.

    You’re right about Thanksgiving and New Years. But you know what? Nobody BUYS anything for those HOLIDAYS you are seemingly so passionate about.

    So who is oppressing whom here, FC?

    And, by the way, Christians aren’t the only one who buy Christmas presents. It is, by the goverment’s declaration, a secular holiday. Are you going to rail on all those non-Christians who think the failure to say “Merry Christmas” is an offense too?

    I wouldn’t generalize and say it is only Christians behind the say Merry Christmas movement.

    And, one final thing: as a retail person it is not only YOUR JOB to know why I am shopping, who I am purchasing for and all that but GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE demands it. That’s a tip you can use year round, my friend. Merry Christmas.

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