AFA Cashes in on War on Christmas

The emails insist it is your duty to defend the phrase “Merry Christmas” — and to let anyone you know exactly what’s wrong with the words “Happy Holidays”. The emails, of course, are from the American Family Association, who will spend the next 8 weeks reminding people that there is a War on Christmas. (Though there seems to be a truce of sorts during this recession.)

The AFA, like other Christian conservative groups, believes that people who say “Happy Holidays” are not celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. It sells seasonal buttons reading, “It’s okay to say Merry Christmas … I bring you good news of great joy.”

The AFA sent out an email alert on September 23, urging people to “Take a stand for Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays — Help preserve our tradition of saying ‘Merry Christmas’ by sponsoring Project Merry Christmas in your church.”

The AFA, in the true tradition of Christmas marketers everywhere, encourage all buyers to “order now, operators are standing by”.

They will give their button campaign a boost at the first sign of the word Christmas being banned in a school…which should happen any day now.

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